Trunk or Treat….let the candy eating begin!

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With everyone on antibiotics, we were ready for trunk or treating! I’ve never seen the kids so willing to pose for their Halloween pictures (so I took advantage!).

As soon as AJ saw Twizzler’s “Black” Batman, he wanted to put on a Batman costume, too. I told the boys to show their muscles, and AJ had to check Twizzler to see what I meant.

He didn’t quite get the idea, but he was sure cute.
AJ wasn’t REALLY going to be a Batman for Halloween. In fact, he decided a month ago that he wanted to be a UPS man. I have no idea where the idea came from, and why he was SO set on it. It was fun to put this EASY costume together, and I must say, he was mighty popular at the trunk or treat!

My absolute favorite picture…..I should send it to UPS. :)
Necco was a Musketeer (her Rennaisance Fair costume from a couple years ago)
She wasn’t in a smiley mood, but she was so cute being serious!
And thoughtful…..

Reese changed her mind at the very last second from Witch to Carebear. Good choice!
The many faces of Reese…..

After every shot, Twizzler said, “Is THIS the last one?”

I just love this kid’s eyes, even hidden under a Batman mask.
KitKat was not excited about pictures, but I managed to grab a few at the trunk or treat. What a TREAT it was to have her very own LIVE Toto to trick or treat with! Thanks, Safire!!
More trick or treating tonight!

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