When My Oldest Child Graduates…..

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…I hope to be able to capture some photos like this of my teenage kids together.

When my kids spend nearly every after-school minute at each other’s throats….

I can have hope that someday they will realize that they really do love each other.

Maybe someday they’ll even realize that they like each other…..after all of the nail scratching, hair pulling, “accidental” tripping, tongue sticking, name calling days.

This is not my family. These are my friend’s kids. I’ve known these kids since they were teeny, and now big brother has graduated from high school and is off to bigger (and better?) things.

But, really, how could it get any better than this? You can tell they love each other. Like each other, even.

I hope that I can look back as a parent on these days of silly arguments and see how far they’ve come. I hope that they’ll be friends.

Today, I’d settle for friendly.

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Oh! PS–I’ve got exciting news for Friday. This week for my Give Me Your Best Shot post, I will be combining forces with Cecily at My Chaos My Bliss and her PhotoStory Friday. Cecily needed a temporary co-host, and we thought hosting both memes together this week would be a fun way to introduce our readers to even more creative photo opportunities and possibilities.

SO…This week, give us your best shot…and the story behind it. See you again on Friday!

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