Everyone Needs an Alice

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This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Alice.com. All opinions are 100% mine.

Remember Alice from the Brady Bunch? Of course you do. Alice did everything. As a kid, I remember wondering what it was that kept Carol Brady busy. Alice cooked, cleaned, shopped, was always there to stop the kids from running in the house with muddy shoes.

Alice Nelson from the Brady Bunch

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Don’t you wish you had an Alice?

Now you can. Meet Alice.com. If you haven’t heard of Alice.com, you should definitely run over there. I had heard of Alice.com, but just last month I decided to finally give it a chance. I was sold immediately. Just yesterday I realized that CandyMan was almost out of contact solution. Why? Because he left it out on the bathroom counter and I had to put it away. Otherwise, I would have no idea when he needs contact solution because he won’t tell me he’s low until every drop is gone. I was able to order some more quickly from Alice.com. I found contact solution on sale ($1.00 off coupon) and I used a free $5 giftcard that I earned from swagbucks so in the end, I paid $2.48 for a 12 oz bottle of Bausch & Lomb Multi-Purpose Solution. It will be here in 2-3 days. Wow!

Here are some things I love about Alice.com:

  • •  Free Shipping! What’s not to love about 100% every day free shipping?
  • •  Automatic Coupons. Alice.com’s prices are already low. Add to that the fact that Alice automatically applies coupons for you on thousands of products. A typical user finds $100’s in annual coupon savings without any extra work, remembering expiration dates, or newsprint hands.
  • •  You can shop at home, any time of the day. Love it. You save on the products you use, choosing from 1000’s of available items.
  • •  Alice keeps track of your items, finds coupons, and reminds you what’s running low. Like my contact solution example above, how often do you realize that you are out of something when it’s too late?
  • •  Alice.com also keeps track of your monthly spending budget on household items.
  • •  One last thing: Alice.com offers a great Refer a Friend program (found easily under your account). Each time someone new uses your referral link and signs up, they’ll track their purchases for an entire year, and give you 3% of those sales. Your friends also get $10 in their account when they spend at least $50 on the site. And, yes, I would love for you to sign up through my link!

Visit my sponsor: Alice.com

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  1. Wouldn't it be great to have a real Alice? :) I hope you like the site!


  2. I heard about Alice.com's iphone app….if only I had an iphone, I would totally use it!! 😉


  3. Oh wow. How did I not know of this. I definitely need an Alice! Lol.

    Thanks for the info. I'll check it out pronto! :)


  4. I've been using them for a few months and just love it. They now have an iPhone/iPod touch app so I can update my list and order from anywhere!


  5. flutterbyechronicles says:

    I'm going to check it out right now. Thanks :)


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