Lids Don’t Make Good Snow Shoes

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…And a few other educational observations from this weekend’s monster-of-a-snow storm in Maryland.

But first, a before/after picture from my kitchen window:

Beginning of snow storm of 2010 After the snow storm of 2010

At the beginning of the storm on Friday afternoon  VS  24 hours (and almost 30 inches) later

1- Never underestimate the power of snow and simple toys to keep children entertained.

Our power was out for 18 hours. The kids, amazingly, never complained. Granted, if the power had not come back on tonight, I’m not sure if we would have fared quite so well on day two or three of no power. As it was, the kids treated today like an adventure.

Snow Balls

2–Some things are even more entertaining than the computer and DVD player.

But I am not complaining that they are back on now…

Better view than the TV

3–Kids love being told that it’s ok to play in the street!

Snow Walk

4–Kerosene heaters are not only ideal for heating a power-less house, but they are perfect for heating up water for hot chocolate.

And, boy-oh-boy, hot chocolate sure does taste good on days like today!

kerosene heater + pot of water = hot chocolate!

5–Plastic bin lids don’t make good snow shoes.

CandyMan had to learn that for himself today.

Bin lids don't make good snow shoes

6–Not even 4 wheel drive trucks can drive through 2 1/2 feet of un-plowed snow. CandyMan tried that, too.

Our court has not been touched by a snow plow, but many neighbors got their cars ready for the happy moment when the snow plow comes to block all the cars in with a 7-foot wall of plowed snow clear the snow from our court.

Washington DC/Maryland snow storm 2010

7–18 hours without access to my email and computer feels like forever.

Was it really only a day? I think I would have been complaining louder than the kids if our power wasn’t restored. I also missed my caller ID and cordless phones.

8–Dinner by candle light is fun. So are candle-heated chicken (fully cooked last night) and candle-roasted marshmallows.

dinner by candle-light

9–Snow Days (especially those with power outages) are great for naps.

I took two. (Sorry, no picture)

10–Don’t put all of the candles away when the power comes back on. It might not be on for good, and it’s really dark at 7pm with no lights.

After the power initially came on around 7:15, it was only on for about 10 minutes. For the next hour and a half, it went on and off. Frustrating!


Our adventure is far from over, but I think we’ve made it through the toughest part!

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  1. What wonderful pictures, but that’s really as close as I ever want to be to those kind of life moments. I’ll endure 100 plus temperatures for a couple of months. Wonderful post.
    Sonia Barton´s last blog post ..Women Who Inspire Me


  2. I laughed when I saw your list, since it looks like we were right on the same wavelength writing posts. I’m glad your power wasn’t out for too long. I was actually surprised we didn’t lose power, since we live in a neighborhood with huge trees and above ground power lines, but somehow we stayed lucky. Love the photos!
    .-= Lara´s last blog ..Top Ten of Being Snowed In =-.


  3. adore the photo of your son looking out of the window!

    we’ve had LOTS of snow and frigid temps…we’ll act like wild people when spring arrives, huh? lol.
    .-= Janean´s last blog ..Whattya Want? =-.


  4. Okay, as a Snowtastrophe 2010 DC Metro area survivor I’m gonna have to say that #2 is possibly a lie. No way are there things funner than a TV or DVD player after 20 hours in the house without one. At least my boys aren’t convinced of this!
    .-= parenting BY dummies´s last blog ..Things Boys Do =-.


    Lolli Reply:

    You are cracking me up!! OK–get this. Today we had power and the kids did not ask to watch TV ONCE! Maybe my kids are just weird or something. Granted, I was really missing my computer….


  5. I’m so glad we havent had one of those blizzards this year! Why is it that the kids really dont mind it at all? Why is it that us parents feel the need to panic because our kids wont have anything to do?! Glad you’re all doing well, and good luck digging out. Thats that worst part….waiting to get back to the hustle and bustle.
    .-= Nicole´s last blog ..Week in Review, GMYBS, and a Virtual Girls Nite Out =-.


    Lolli Reply:

    Yes, the digging out, and the weeks of driving in the mess that this storm is leaving behind are definitely the worst part!


  6. Looks like you made the best of a snowy experience! I ALMOST looks fun :)


    Lolli Reply:

    Haha, Megan! You made me smile. It WAS fun. But only for a day. Really, much longer and we’d all be going crazy.


  7. Looks like you guys survived! Seriously going to talk up that kerosene heater to Juice because it looks so useful! Wish we lived close we could meet up somewhere. We need to talk tomorrow after my guests leave (Yep, STILL here). I’ll call you!
    .-= Safire´s last blog ..Blizzard 2010 =-.


  8. Atleast you were prepared. If we lost power. i don’t know what we would do. I really need to start and emergency kit
    .-= Adrienne´s last blog ..Thanks =-.


  9. I’m glad you made it through the power outage okay. We were lucky to only have a little blip. We tried making snowshoes too, with cereal boxes. You can imagine how that worked out. (Not well.)


  10. I love your photos, especially the before and after shot! We got snow up here in PA but not as much as you! I saw from SITS that you said you are attending the Baltimore bootcamp! I am thinking about it, too, so maybe I will see you here!
    Hope you enjoyed your weekend even without power!
    .-= Shelle´s last blog ..To Edit or Not To Edit =-.


  11. Glad you survived and glad you are back!! It looks like an adventure. You were certainly well prepared!!
    .-= Brandie´s last blog ..Silly Video’s and Cinnamon Rolls =-.


  12. Great pics! Feel your pain…we live in MD, also, but never lost our power.


  13. GREAT Pictures! I live in Upstate NY, and we have hardly had ANY snow at all this year. Kind of a bummer actually!

    Just signed up for Bloggy Boot Camp in Baltimore! Really excited to learn and meet some SITSahs!


  14. She will, she’s got Nathan to photograph. She’s already been to your site and called to thank me for sending the link.
    .-= GrammieMommy´s last blog ..Fifth Monthsaversary Celebration =-.


  15. I would’ve said OH NO to the no power thing but I’m glad you had your camera charged and captured these pictures. Oh gosh ~ that was a doozie storm you got, it smack your neck of the woods! Can I send you some California sunshine?
    I agree with the picture of AJ watching the snow. That’s a really good shot you got.
    BTW, we passed the xTi down to my oldest daughter so I’ll be sending her the link to the tutorials.
    Have a great Superbowl Sunday!


    Lolli Reply:

    It worked out just fine. Being a California girl myself, living in the East has been quite the adventure for me!

    Your daughter is a lucky one! I hope she’ll enjoy her “new” camera!


  16. Your pictures are ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. OMG, beautiful…so crisp and clear. My favorite was the one looking out the window. Thanks for sharing…..


  17. Oh my goodness, that is an adventure! Great pictures, I like the one of AJ watching the snow!
    .-= Beth´s last blog ..Facebook Observations =-.


    Lolli Reply:

    That picture is my favorite, too. I saw him looking out the window and ran to get my camera. I had to tell him to sit still so I could get a good shot. 😉


  18. wow, I’ve never seen so much snow in my life! (I live in SC!)
    .-= Jess´s last blog ..THE SUN!! =-.


  19. I love your pictures!!! Can you believe this one? So glad you have power again!!


  20. Glad you survived the storm! Good luck digging out!!


  21. oh, what fun! and not fun, simultaneously. the snow really is beautiful. i don’t know that i’ve ever been in that much snow, and i’m in idaho! those snow shoes are cracking me up!
    i know you’re wondering where i came from…i just found your blog last week. i can’t remember how, but i’ve really enjoyed your photography lessons. they have been sooo helpful to me. i just got my first dslr (cannon rebel eos) and have learned a few new concepts from your blog. your posts are written so clearly. thank you!
    happy shovelling!
    .-= feather´s last blog ..A Dreaming Child =-.


    Lolli Reply:

    I’m so glad that the tutorials have been helpful! There are plenty more to come.
    Yes, even I have been enjoying the beauty of today. The snow really is spectacular.



  1. […] remember with fondness the big storm we had in February 2010. Although I wouldn’t necessarily wish for 18 hours of no power or for having our car snowed […]

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