Beauty and the Beast (Halloween 2010)

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I’m kind of sad that my kids are getting older (at least at Halloween), because honestly….older kids are no fun on Halloween. Gone are the cute character costumes or plush, huggable dress-ups. Big kids don’t like to be fairy princesses or action heros.

Luckily, I can still enjoy my youngest two on Halloween. At least for another year or two.

AJ’s costume may be my favorite yet. The werewolf mask was quite scary, so I took scissors to the face. Instead of being a scary werewolf, he was a hairy Ewok-Lion-Werewolf Beast. He proudly declared that he got extra candy during the trick-or-treating because he was so cute.

Sad werewolf

Reese was a cold-but-adorable fairy. Yes, half-way through the night (despite the fact that I warned her that she would be cold and should wear tights and a leotard under her costume) I had to sacrifice my own long sweater to keep her from freezing to death. Such is the life….

Shocked fairy

As much as I loved each of their costumes separately, it was in putting them together that they really shone.

Beauty and the beast

Beauty and the Beast. Classic.

My favorite Halloween picture ever

I hope everyone had a fantastic Halloween and are surviving the kids’ sugar highs.

Excitedly submitted to ParentingBYdummies’ costume contest.

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  1. The best Halloween pictures ever!!!! That last pic of the two of them walking away together should be on some advertisement. Adorable shots.

    You gotta check out Vanessa’s pictures in her “wedding girl” outfit. I wasn’t able to copy Reese’s hair-do for Vanessa and she was kindof sad, lol. Halloween is the perfect photo op.
    Andrea´s last blog post ..Dellin – Child Session


    Lolli Reply:

    I’ve got to go check them out right now! Yes, that last picture is my all time favorite Halloween shot. Even though they aren’t Beauty and the Beast, that’s what I think of when I see them walking like that. Classic!
    Lolli´s last blog post ..The Pier 1 Fairy to the Rescue!


  2. I love the costumes, especially the pouty beast. I forgot about Dumb Mom’s contest. Off to link up.
    Allison @ Alli n Son´s last blog post ..Halloween Present


  3. So. So cute! #2 wanted to be that wolfman thingy too, but his big bro talked him into another year as another superhero. So over the super powered vigilantes at this house. How about a little creativity people!
    Dumb Mom´s last blog post ..Dumb Mom’s Book List The Same as Oprah’s but Different


    Lolli Reply:

    We found that costume at the thrift store. I didn’t know about the scary mask part when we bought it (it was still sealed in the package, and just looked like a hairy blob) but it was one of my favorites ever!
    Lolli´s last blog post ..Halloween Parade 2010


  4. Looks like you had a GREAT Halloween:-)


  5. Love it! It looks like you have nice weather too. I am jealous!

    Fabulous photos!



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