A Week in My Life: Day 1

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The other day, my friend Mel from Adventuroo invited me to participate in her Week in the Life blogging carnival. Although my life seems more chaotic than interesting these days, I thought I’d play along.



Sleeping in:

I slept in a blissful hour and a half longer than I usually do this morning. In fact, I only had to set ONE alarm Sunday night. Amazing!

KitKat, my oldest, was heading to Outdoor Ed, a sleep-away camp for 6th graders, as one of the high school counselors. The morning was spent making sure KitKat had what she needed in her suitcase, getting the other kids ready for school, and then heading to the grocery store for a few essentials that she didn’t have (namely, Oreos and peanut butter) and then dropping her off at the middle school to load busses for Outdoor Ed.

Fill-er up!

After dropping KitKat off, it was just me and AJ in the van…which was completely out of gas. We stopped at the gas station and I put $25 in the tank, no knowing exactly how much money was in my account.

At that point, AJ spotted the McDonalds next door to the gas station and convinced me (I admit that there was no arm twisting going on) to get him some breakfast at McDonalds. Because of the early departure, he didn’t have much to eat, and I didn’t mind stopping. I helped him eat one of the pancakes and a little bit of the hashbrown. Not my typical breakfast, for sure.

School day:

I finally returned home around 9:00 only to discover KitKat’s Outdoor Ed permission slip sitting on the kitchen table. I figured I’d wait til someone called for it. I sat down for my morning scripture study and then headed upstairs to my bedroom-turned-home-office. I worked for a few hours before needing to head out to drop off that forgotten permission form, pick up some work supplies for CandyMan (in the form of Dr. Pepper and Mountain Dew) and make a trip to the bank. By the time I got back home, I had an hour to do some more work before kids started coming home from school. The day goes by SO fast!

Park Play:

The weather was too gorgeous to NOT go to the park this afternoon, so I grabbed my book and headed across the street with the two younger kids. Twizzler, my 10 year old, was already there. I spent more time at the park than I should have, but I was already feeling a growing anxiety creeping up because of all I needed to do….and it felt nice to just enjoy me kids and the weather and relax.

Dinner and evening time:

Dinner was simple. Mashed potatoes, sliced cucumber, and boneless BBQ chicken wings (the $5 Monday special at Safeway). I enjoyed dinner a lot more than the kids. CandyMan had been working since 2:30, so he spent the evening playing games with the kids. I listened to their laughter as I tried to finish up some more work.


I missed my 11:00pm goal by half an hour, but at least Tuesday morning is another “late” wake up morning. It’s on to a new day…

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  1. There is an old saying “Don’t let life pass you by” so I say ENJOY it all while it presents itself to you. Another is “Ask a busy man to do something and he gets it done”. Blessings!


  2. Nice filter choice for the photos. Glad you got to stay at the park and linger a little longer than you meant to. It was too gorgeous today to not take advantage of it.
    Alissa´s last blog post ..Week In My Life: Monday


  3. Love the screenshot of your alarm! I took a few iPhone screenshots yesterday but forgot to include them in my post.

    Looks like your day was packed! And I have a hard time getting in bed when I say I will too. Maybe tonight!
    Melissa {adventuroo}´s last blog post ..Week in My Life: Monday


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