A Week in My Life: Day 3

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I’ve been keeping track of my week, day by day, and participating in Adventuroo’s Week in the Life series. I’m afraid that Monday and Tuesday were more interesting, photo wise, although I took more photos today (473!!) than any other day this week.

As soon as I got the kids to school this morning, I ran home and got myself ready to drive down to a friend’s house for a photo shoot. As hard as a one year old toddler is to keep still, newborns are even MORE tough to photograph. I tell every single new parent that the peaceful, sweet photos of newborns that they see are a misconception. Newborn photo shoots are never peaceful and quiet. Those angelic photos come after 400+ pictures and a couple of hours of patience.

Multiply that by two today for Newborn TWINS!

If it’s hard to keep one baby happy during a photo shoot, its doubly tricky to keep two babies happy at the same time. Either one was fussing…

Or the other one was.

Every once in a while I caught some pictures that I fell in love with.

Really, as much as I might complain about how hard it is, I LOVE spending time with new babies and I love taking their pictures. And, of course, the simple fact that I got to hold two week old twins today was enough to make my ENTIRE DAY.

Things that did NOT make my day:

  • Getting hit by a flying rock on the freeway and needing to get my windshield repaired.
  • Seeing the Service Engine light come on right after the windshield was cracked.
  • Getting a call from Reese’s school saying that she received a head injury during PE this afternoon. The school nurse said that she was just fine (she had collided with another student in her class).
  • Discovering, after Reese came home from school 20 minutes later, that her hair was crusted over with blood. The nurse missed the fact that the other student’s TOOTH broke skin…
  • Calling the Pediatrician, only to have the office tell me that I should call the office back when there would be nurses available for me to chat with. When I asked when that would be, the receptionist told me that they should be around on Friday.
  • Being so numb and tired and blah that I got no work done.

Other things that happened today that were not so bad:

  • Finding out that Reese’s soccer practice was cancelled because of rain (don’t worry – I wouldn’t have sent her on account of her head injury)
  • Having my pregnancy post featured on the front page of ABC News’ Million Moms Challenge blog.
  • Picking KitKat up after she was gone for 2 1/2 days as a counselor at Outdoor Ed.
  • Talking to my mom on the phone.

My bed has been calling me for hours…

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  1. Oh those babies! So sweet. My twins are 3.5 and I kinda miss those days. Ok not really, they were pure hell. but the photos make it look so amazing! Loved the bullet point break down. A nice alternative to a photo documentation.
    Leigh Ann´s last blog post ..Week in My Life: Thursday


  2. Natalie J Vandenberghe says:

    I love these photos–thanks for sharing!


  3. These pictures are precious. LOVE. So sorry about your windshield!
    Angie´s last blog post ..Jury Duty


  4. Those baby photos are so cute!! And how awesome having your pregnancy story featured, too! Definitely not cool about the bloody head/tooth knocking incident, though. I hope her head’s feeling better.
    Jocelyn´s last blog post ..Week in My Life – Day 3: Wednesday


  5. Oh those babies are so stinkin sweet! I love you how bulleted out things that did NOT make your day. LOL
    Melissa {adventuroo}´s last blog post ..Week in My Life: Wednesday


    Lolli Reply:

    LOL! Some days are just like that. :)


  6. omgoodness! Those babies!!!! So remind me of my twin baby days. I so miss them <3

    Sorry about your daughter and your windshield. ugh
    Hope Reese is feeling better.
    debi9kids´s last blog post ..at a strange crossroad


  7. Just had to say that I LOVE the pictures! The twins are adorable and you did an awesome job capturing them!
    Milcah´s last blog post ..My Birth Story… Meet the Newest Member of Our Team


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