Everything St. Patrick’s Day – Foods, Traditions, and Activities

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St. Patrick’s Day is here! Are you wearing green?

It’s been a busy week, but I found some time on Pinterest to add St. Patrick’s Day ideas (foods, activities, traditions, etc) to my Holiday board and I thought I’d share some of my favorite finds and start a St. Patrick’s Day Round-Up of my own.

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What are your favorite St Patty’s Day foods, crafts, and traditions?


St. Patrick’s Day Foods

5 easy St. Patrick’s Day snacks for kids
These simple but colorful foods are ideal for the mom who is not an artist in the kitchen but still wants to create something fun for St. Patrick’s Day snacking. I know what I’m making first thing in the morning!
– from Lil Kids Things
The perfect lunch to pack on St. Patrick’s Day
This is such a fun idea! I especially love the leprechaun trail mix and fruit rainbow. My kids would go crazy if I made them something this cool to take to lunch, but the coolest part is that this is a lunch even I would eat!
– from the KidZui blog (my kids’ favorite place to play online!)
Irish Potatoes
I don’t think I’ve eaten anything like these Irish Potatoes, but they sound so good! I’ve already pinned this recipe and plan to give it a try this St. Patrick’s Day. Potatoes are a staple in our house, and I’d love some new ways to make them.
– from Mommies With Style
Leprechaun cupcakes
Are these not the cutest cupcakes ever? They are insanely adorable, but they actually aren’t that hard to make. I want to bite off that green marshmallow hat! My kids would love to customize their own little Leprechauns (and then promptly eat them up).
– from Tonya Staab
Shamrock Fudge
It’s no shock that I love candy and sweets. I want this fudge now. April from Mama Loves Food shared this recipe for green mint fudge (and if you know April, you’ll know that she KNOWS her food! She is one of my favorite food bloggers ever. Reading through the ingredients and staring at the pictures made my mouth water. Literally!
– from Blissfully Domestic
Guinness and Irish Cheese Fondue
I’ve had fondue at restaurants, dinner parties, and friend’s houses, but I have never tried making cheese fondue at home. The last picture in this post makes me want to make some tonight! Except that I don’t have all that extra Guinness laying around like Robin did… In contrast, I always have plenty of cheese.
– from Simple. Green. Organic. Happy.

St. Patrick’s Day Activities and Traditions

Leprechaun Mischief
I adore the green toilet water and green footprints on the toilet seat (although I’m not sure how I’d feel with a green-stained bottom after sitting on it. What a fun idea to make St. Patty’s Day fun at home!
– from A Differentiated Kindergarten
St. Patrick’s Day Scavenger Hunt
Leave it to Quirky Momma to come up with a fun activity for kids on St. Patrick’s Day. I love that this activity gets the kids outside and moving and it’s totally free! Our weather this past week (and this weekend) has been perfect for some outdoor fun. And what kid doesn’t love going on a hunt?
– from Kids Activities Blog
Lucky St Patrick’s Day stamped shirts
I’ve got a bunch of foam hearts left over from a Valentine’s Day card project. What a brilliant use of supplies I’ve already got at the house! The foam heart stickers make a perfect stamp, and I adore these simple but festive shirts!
– from Multiples and More
How to catch a leprechaun
AJ was doing this today after school (with handfuls of play money and coins), convinced that there would be a leprechaun in the trap the next morning. Not only is this a fun tradition, but it’s a cute project, too. Now what are we going to do if AJ’s trap is full in the morning? Hmm…
– From Rock on Mommies
St. Patrick’s Day collages
I love looking at pictures of people having a good time, but I especially love this quote, found on one of the collages: “May the Good Lord take a liking to you, but not too soon!” These collages made me miss my scrapbooking days!
– from the Picaboo blog
Green Jeans!
Wondering what to wear on St. Patrick’s Day to avoid lots of unwanted pinches? Everyone, regardless of whether or not they have Irish blood (I’ve got a heavy dose of Irish in me!) MUST wear green on March 17. Take a look at this collection of green jeans (how fun are these?).
– from Hip MamaB
St. Patrick’s Day decorations
You’ve got your green on. Now get your house ready for the green holiday! This banner is so much fun! And I know I could always use a little more LUCK hanging around my house… I would love to let my kids in on the house decorating!
– from Blissfully Domestic



St. Patrick’s Day Sayings and Quotes and Facts

Irish Quotes and Blessings
I love finding holiday-specific quotes, and the Untrained Housewife did all the work for me with this wonderful list or Irish/Celtic words of wisdom and humor. I loved the following traditional Irish Blessing so much that I made it into a little button. Do you have an favorite Irish or St Patty’s Day quotes?
– from Untrained Housewife

Real Rainbow Facts
EdVacation provides a wonderful lesson on the rainbow (perfect for homeschoolers or just to make St. Patrick’s Day more interesting). How are rainbows formed? How many colors are in a true rainbow? Do you know what ROY G. BIV stands for? Even I learned a few things in this post!
– from edVacation: Learning on the Go

Irish Blessing
Have a wonderful St. Patrick’s Day, with lots of good friends, good food, and good luck.

If you have a St. Patrick’s Day themed post, please link it up in the linky below.

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  1. Thanks for including Picaboo! The mischievous toilet idea is hilarious.


  2. I love these ideas. I might do the leprechaun cucakes tomorrow!
    Annie, mama dweeb´s last blog post ..I’m a country girl ~ I love my wranglers!


    Lolli Reply:

    I think I’m going to be very busy tomorrow. :)



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