Some Mothers – A Mother’s Day Poem

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My husband wrote this “poem” last night as he prepared to speak at church on Mother’s Day. He was surprised that so many women approached him and said that his poem really touched them. I was not so surprised.

I think each of us can find ourselves in this list. I think it’s particularly interesting that he would write this knowing nothing of all of the “Mom Enough” talk happening last week all over the internet.

some mothers

Some Mothers

Some are short and some are tall.
Some are thin and some are not so thin.
Some were raised by a dedicated mother who was there at every turn.
Some did not know their mother at all.
Some have many fond memories of learning at their mother’s knee.
Some feel like they never connected with their mother.
Some have completed college.
Some never graduated high school.
Some have many children.
Some have never given birth to any children.
Some are in their 20s, or 40s, or 80s… and some are teenagers.
Some enjoy being a mother…most of the time.
Some don’t enjoy being a mother at all and would rather do other things.
Some feel very satisfied with their roles as a mom.
Some wish they could do other things.
Some have lots of time to devote to their children.
Some feel guilty that they don’t spend more time with their children.
Some live in a nice home at the end of a well-landscaped street.
Some live with their parents, or a friend, or a boyfriend.
Some have busy demanding jobs.
Some are in jail.
Some think that every other mother does a better job than they do.
Some wonder why their kids don’t behave better.
Some think that life would be better if X or Y or Z would happen.
Some have depression.
Some are depressed today because they are not having a very good Mother’s Day.
Some woke up today to a wonderful, tasty breakfast in bed.
Some had breakfast in bed that wasn’t so tasty, but made with a child’s love.
Some had cold cereal by themselves.
Some are having their first Mother’s Day.
Some are sick because they are pregnant.
Some are sick of being pregnant.
Some have mastitis.
Some are frustrated with trying to breast feed.
Some wish their mother would visit.
Some wish their mother would go away for a while.
Some have perfectly healthy children.
Some have children with serious physical or mental disabilities.
Some wonder, or think, or believe that other moms do a better job at raising children.
Some mothers are enough, just the way they are.

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  1. This is the absolute truth <3 it!
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  2. I absolutely love it. It’s beautiful!
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  3. Love this poem!


  4. What a thoughtful outlook on what it means to be a mother.
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  5. Well said.
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  6. Wow…this is amazing. Your husband is talented and it’s so nice to see a man who recognizes all of these things!


  7. I think he pretty much covered motherhood.
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  8. That sums up motherhood well. There are often times as a parent I wonder what I am doing!
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  9. How sweet!
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  10. That is amazing!
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  11. so true in every way Moms from all walks of live and comes to say that you don’t know what a mom goes through until you walk a day in their shoes
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  12. Great job on this – it reminds us all of how every mom is different, unique, and we don’t HAVE to BE like and THINK like and RAISE our kids like each other in order to just get along and SUPPORT each other!!
    It also makes me think that sometimes when you see other moms who SEEM to have it all together and it makes you feel bad about how you’re faring as a mom… just remember that old adage “the grass is not greener” on the other side all the time. Let’s just hug our kids close and be thankful for them and pray we do the best we can!!! :)
    JulieK´s last blog post ..A Night at the Circus!


  13. Ashley - Embracing Beauty says:

    That’s lovely! How sweet.
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  14. WOW! The is wonderful! Not over-earnest or over-stated or too mushy! Perfectly said…


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