What Makes a Perfect Mother’s Day Gift?

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Mother’s Day is coming in just a few days, and this year my husband has even more pressure to make the day special as he’ll be spending the day with TWO of the mothers in his life: me, the mother of his children, and his own mother.

Mother's Day with Grandma

I think I’ve talked about the fact that CandyMan and I are terrible about holidays. We don’t do Valentine’s gifts. We typically don’t do much more than go out to dinner for our anniversary each year. And that’s totally fine with both of us.

But for some reason, CandyMan treats Mother’s Day differently. If I counted all of the really good gifts that I’ve received over the last 15 years (since I’ve been a mom) most of the best gifts have come at Mother’s Day. I guess CandyMan wants me to know how much he values my role as a mother. Either that or his own mom drilled it into his head at an early age that Mother’s Day was a particularly special holiday that should not be overlooked. I’ll have to ask her when she gets here on Saturday.


How to find the perfect gift for Mother’s Day

  • The relaxing gift – how often have you heard a mom say that all she wants is some time alone and maybe a chance to sleep in? Moms love time away from, well, being MOM all the time.
  • The thoughtful gift – The thoughtful gift can be anything from the book she’s been wanting (hint, hint) to the bracelet she’s had her eyes on. And everything in between. The key here is paying attention to the cues.
  • The extravagant gift – The year CandyMan surprised me with a pearl necklace is a perfect example. Or the time that he bought me the digital SLR that I’d been drooling over. The extravagant gifts don’t come very often in our house, but the are surely memorable.
  • The service gift – Last year, my kids cleaned my car for me. It was a glorious present, and I loved that the kids put both thought and muscle into their gift for me. I’ll take the gift of cleaning any day.

washing the car for Mother's Day

  • The homemade gift – My elementary aged kids always bring home some Mother’s Day craft or another, but (please don’t hate me for saying this!) I am not overly fond of those gifts. Now, contrast that with a picture that my son has painted at home or a special project that my daughter has created just for me, and I’m all over it.
  • The edible gift – From breakfast in bed (which my kids do almost every year) to my favorite chocolate, edible gifts are some of my favorite (and they are relatively cheap, too).
  • The PERFECT gift – The reality is that there is no ONE perfect gift for every mother. What is perfect for one mom won’t be for another. The trick is knowing Mom and putting just the right amount of heart into her gift.

What does YOUR perfect Mother’s Day gift look like?
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  1. Great ideas! I think moms especially feel loved when they get unique handmade gifts from their loved ones


  2. make ur mom happy just find diffrent things that r pretty and old cut them up and make something out of it it will sher mke ur mom happy


  3. OK my wife doesn’t read blogs, so likely she won’t see this before Sunday, so if anyone knows her, don’t spill the beans. I used iPhoto to make a book of pictures over the last 5+ years since our 5 year old and 3 year old were born. It arrived today, and she texted be saying, I hope you didn’t buy me my own iPad we don’t need 3. I assured her I didn’t. It chronicles from baby pictures up to about last week. For one of my best friends who was the inspiration for my Egret the Elephant Children’s poem/stories. The original poem was a thank you to her, and I wrote it with Egret as a grown up. for the series I have made her 5. But for Mother’s day, I used the Apple iPhone Card Maker app. I took a picture of her two little ones from her last visit a few weeks ago for the outside of the cover and on the inside I wrote an unblogged Egret poem (where Egret is an adult again)”Egret’s Mother’s Day”. I had to email her the rest of the poem since it wouldn’t all fit on the card. This comment was in no way sponsored by Apple!
    Corey Feldman´s last blog post ..Anxiety, Depression & ADHD Update #1


    Lolli Reply:

    Corey, that is a fabulous gift! I have done similar things – memory gifts – and they mean so much!!



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