An Inside Peek at the YesVideo Headquarters #YesMemory

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Earlier this month, I had the privilege to fly out to San Jose to tour the headquarters of YesVideo, a company that I have loved and utilized many times since I first came into contact with them last year.

YesVideo DVD video transfer

I am certainly proud to have been asked to be a YesVideo ambassador for the last few months, and grateful for the chance I’ve had to learn even more about their company. I’m excited to give you a sneak peek into the process – how your photos and old videos are converted to high quality DVDs.

First, I figured I’d let YesVideo tell you a little about themselves.


How does YesVideo work?:

  1. Drop off your old videos, film, photos, etc at one of thousands of retail locations (like Costco, Walmart, and CVS, to name a few) OR order online and ship your media straight from your home.
  2. YesVideo works their magic, turning your classics into digital masterpieces (more on that in a moment!).
  3. YesVideo sends your original media PLUS your new DVDs back to you (either through UPS or through the retail location where you dropped the media off). Start enjoying your home movies and photos like you haven’t enjoyed them in years.
  4. Share with family and friends on Facebook, Twitter, or email. Your videos are stored online in your own “screening rooms” to be watched over and over.

Yesvideo video dvd transfer

YesVideo Headquarters Tour

Come with me on a virtual tour of the YesVideo offices in San Jose, California. While every little step was not documented, I tried to capture a good feel for the video to DVD transfer process from start to finish.

YesVideo video dvd transfer
Your videos are probably sitting on a shelf right now. When was the last time you watched them? I love what fellow blogger, Stephanie from Queen Scarlett, said about her videos:

Whether you ship your videos directly to YesVideo or drop them off at a local store, they all end up in a room like this, where each package is inspected, checked for accuracy of contents, and recorded.

Yesvideo video dvd transfer

Yesvideo video dvd transfer

Each process (from the moment when packages are first opened until they are shipped back out to the customers) is video taped – these little over-head cameras are everywhere! I was impressed by the meticulous care given and the RESPECT shown to customer’s memories.

Yesvideo video dvd transfer

Depending on the type of media sent in, your videos will move on to the next step, where they will again be inspected and documented. And then the conversion process begins! The conversion machines were wild. So much was going on – we were all amazed!

Yesvideo video dvd transfer

Yesvideo video dvd transfer

After your old media is converted and made into high quality DVDs, your old and new movies are ready to be shipped back to you. Again, each step of this process is meticulously recorded, checked and double-checked.

Why I recommend YesVideo

I admit – when I sent in my very first YesVideo order last year, I was skeptical. I was worried that my old movies wouldn’t come back to me, but I took a leap of faith and sent them anyway. In the digital world that we live in, we get accustomed to having multiple copies (and particularly digital copies) of everything we record. But those old memories are often ONLY in a single form, and often no longer in a form that is easily shared. In fact, we are one of the FEW families that I know that still owns a VCR. Most people I know have old VHS tapes and no way to watch them.

I love that I can now have both digital copies of my memories AND copies stored in the cloud (which has been particularly helpful since my family lives across the country).

I had already had many positive experiences with YesVideo before touring their headquarters, but now that I’ve been there and witnessed the process and especially the CARE given, I can now say wholeheartedly that I recommend their services to everyone.

The only question that remains is…what memories are sitting at YOUR house, waiting to be revived and revisited? If you use my special ambassador link (not an affiliate link), you can get 15% off your order (it’s totally worth it!).

Disclosure: YesVideo flew me out to San Jose to tour their headquarters and make some memories of my own. Transportation, lodging, food, and activities were provided by YesVideo, but all opinions, as always, are my own.

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  2. I love this! My parents have tons of VHS tapes that need to be converted. I’ll have to have them check this out.
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  3. I love that! We used a different company to do that for my dad last year but I’d love to check out YesVideo because they offer more services than the last company did. :)
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  4. my sister needs this. she has 25 years of vhs tapes of her family. what a fun thing to make into dvds as a gift!!
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  5. I have a ton of VHS that I’d love to preserve and get on a disc or something. This sounds like a great service.
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  6. This is awesome!! I love that they offer this service. I have so many Hi-8 tapes I recorded when I was younger and I really want to watch them. Looks like I know an easy way – send it to YesVideo!
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