Malibu Grand Prix Racer {Drop-out} #YesMemory

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I’ve always been a cautious driver. I’ve never had a ticket, and have never been pulled over for speeding. So I guess it shouldn’t surprise anyone that I was not exactly a pro at the Malibu Grand Prix when I was out in San Jose with YesVideo last month.

Malibu grand prix San Jose

Honestly, I was excited to let loose and drive as fast as I could for once. I enjoyed putting my foot down on the gas pedal and letting my hair blow in the wind (that’s only figurative….my hair was completely covered by a clonky helmet). Basically, I had a blast doing something I never have a chance to do.

Lolli at Malibu grand prix San Jose

I think all of us in our little racing group had a blast. I felt like I was flying around some of those corners. It wasn’t until our track time was over that we all discovered that our friends on the sidelines were laughing hysterically at us as we appeared to crawl through the course. What felt like racing to us looked like pedal-powered go-carts to everyone else.

YesVideo bloggers at Malibu Grand Prix

I’m just glad that the Winkelvoss twins of Facebook fame didn’t stick around to watch us. Yes, they were in the group directly ahead of us, and they….well, they drove a little faster than us.

After trying our hands at race car driving, we had a chance to test our skills in the batting cages and on some monster trampolines. I fear that I failed even worse at those.

batting cages

giant trampoline

Stephanie's mad jumping skills

The beauty of the day, though? Despite being one of the world’s slowest race car drivers, a shy batter, and an out-of-shape trampoline jumper, I had a blast. Why? Because of the people I was with, of course.

Stephanie and Lolli on YesVideo trip

YesVideo trip

We ended the day’s activities with something that I truly AM a pro at…eating ice cream. And laughing at ridiculous tweets. Ah, yes. This is my world.

Indian ice cream YesVideo trip

YesVideo’s Father’s Day Contest:

YesVideo Father's Day contest

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Disclosure: I am a YesVideo Amabassador and was flown to San Jose for an all-expense-paid trip to tour their headquarters and make a few memories while we were at it. All opinions are my own.

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  1. This day was so much fun! Next time I can drive slowly and you can laugh at me!


    Lolli Reply:

    It’s a deal, Sharleen! :)


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