How to Teach Children Values – Compassion, Kindness, and Generosity #OCCGiving

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teaching children to be kind, compassionate, generous Teaching children to be kind, compassionate, and generous is neither easy nor quick. Values such as generosity and compassion aren’t learned overnight.

Every Sunday I am reminded just how tricky it is to teach children values. My 7 year old son rushes into my classroom, where I teach the 3 year olds at church. After he helps the little kids clean up the puzzles, he turns to me – without fail – and asks me what he did that was “good” for the week so that he can unlock the bishop’s little arsenal of candy (handed only to those children who can either recite a scripture or tell him what they’ve done for other people this week). The kids are highly motivated by the bishop’s supply of candy.

How to raise kind, compassionate, and generous children:

I am certainly not a perfect example of parenting, but I have observed a few things that have worked with my kids to teach them to be more kind, compassionate, and generous.

  • Give children regular opportunities to help other people
  • Let your kids see you serving others
  • Talk with your children about how they feel when they help someone out
  • Service begins at home – look for ways to help each other out INSIDE the home
  • Point out your child’s kind, compassionate, and generous actions as well as those of others

Not everyone can manage this next tip, but it may be the single most influential step for teaching my kids to be generous, kind, and compassionate. When our family was on the receiving end of Christmas-time service and generosity a few years ago, our appreciation for projects like these blossomed. When a child can feel the joy and excitement of receiving a great gift, they are more likely to want to reach out and help other people experience that same thing.

This week, my kids and I worked together to put together a small gift box for Operation Christmas Child to send to a child in need around the world. We don’t know who our box will end up going to, but we know that it will be appreciated.

What is Operation Christmas Child?

Operation Christmas Child
Operation Christmas Child is a project of Samaritan’s Purse that uses simple shoe boxes filled with gifts – toys, necessities, school supplies and notes of encouragement – to show the less fortunate children of the world that they are not forgotten.

Operation Christmas Child Since 1993, Operation Christmas Child has sent millions of gift-filled shoe boxes to child around the world, and this year they expect to reach quite a memorable milestone with more than 100 million children receiving shoe box gifts. 100 million children touched is a wonderful goal, but Operation Christmas Child doesn’t want to stop there. They hope to go above and beyond 100 million.

Here is the shoe box that my kids and I put together. I crocheted a hat (and hoping it is not given to a child who lives in a hot climate) and Necco made her famous braided friendship bracelet to add to the gifts (both fun and practical) that we added to the show box.

Operation Christmas CHild shoe box

How your family can get involved with Operation Christmas Child:

  1. Pack a shoe box– get the kids involved in choosing gifts to give to another child
  2. Pack a virtual shoe box online through Build-A-Box!
  3. Drop your completed box at an OCC drop-off location close to you
  4. You can participate in a virtual shoe box packing party on Oct. 22-26 on Facebook and click on the Packing Party app.

Connect with Operation Christmas Child:

Twitter: @OCC_shoeboxes and hashtag #OCCGiveBack


This holiday season build a box with your family to teach kindness, compassion, and generosity.

Operation Christmas Child and influencer marketing platform BlogFrog have teamed up with 200 bloggers like me to spread the word about this great cause.

BlogFrog will match the first 200 boxes that are built. Pledge your commitment below to build a box today on Facebook or Twitter!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Operation Christmas Child. The opinions and text are all mine.

© 2012, Lolli. All rights reserved.

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