Oh, the Memories We Made in Kissimmee! #YesMemory

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Home again! Home Again! I don’t know if I’m quite ready for a jiggety-jig….but I’m happy to be back in my own bed!

Our week in Kissimmee has finally come to a close, and I’m ready to buckle down and get back to work in the morning. Although I am always sad to see a vacation end, I will forever be grateful for the memories that we made during our Thanksgiving-week getaway.

Universal Islands of Adventure front gate let the adventure begin

As we loaded the kids up in the van to make the 14-hour drive back home, I reminisced about all of the things we were able to do while we were in Kissimmee. Our days were full, and instead of trying to search for things to do to stay busy, we had to pick and chose from a long list of things that we could do together.

Typically, the kids get bored when we go on vacation together. Not so this time! They were having so much fun together that they didn’t even have time left over to fight.

Thanksgiving in Kissimmee Florida

…as long as you don’t count fighting over the turkey’s wish bone!

Just before we left for our family vacation, my second term as a YesVideo Ambassador began, and so I had FAMILY MEMORIES on my mind all week.

I had a camera of one sort or another on me at all times to capture the memories. I wore my phone’s batteries out daily from sharing so many photos on Instagram (check them out…I love how Instagram tells such a perfect story of our lives).

From letting my teenage daughter drive our family mini van packed full with suitcases and kids for part of the drive South….to watching my kids belly-laugh together when my youngest son’s shorts were filled up with wind from the airboat ride….to sharing cup after cup of butterbeer with the extended family at Universal’s Islands of Adventure….this past week was simply priceless. I can’t get over how nearly perfect everything was.

Thanksgiving in Kissimmee Florida

Documenting our memories

Making memories at Hogwarts I spent last week blogging the entire journey on the i.SeeKissimmee blog (as of this posting, not all of my posts have been published quite yet) and could hardly keep my eyes open to post once each night.

So tomorrow, I will start my journey of documenting all of our activities here for you guys. I just barely transfered all of my photos from all of my cameras onto my computer this evening. Tomorrow begins the process of editing the photos and writing it all down. And maybe if I’m feeling adventurous, I’ll grab some of the video that Candyman took of the adventures, too.

I think the best part of this trip for me, even better than a week full of theme parks and Thanksgiving leftovers (I dare you to come up with a better combination than that!), was the time that we were able to spend together each morning. Rather than rush off to the parks at opening time, we slept in, ate breakfast together, and often caught a morning swim before heading out for the day. At night, while I blogged for Kissimmee, the kids would pull out games to play with their uncles and aunt.

Oh! The memories we made! Stay tuned as I share them here throughout the next week.

And while you’re here, check out YesVideo, a brand that I love and am looking forward to working with again.

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Note: I am a YesVideo Ambassador and receive compensation for my involvement. All thoughts and opinions (and amazing family memories) are my own.

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