The Bucket List I Never Knew I Needed to Write

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Sometimes I wish that I had made a bucket list when I was younger…but even if I had, I’m pretty sure that meeting celebrities and hanging out on movie sets during filming would not have even occurred to me as something that I could do…or even wanted to do.

Empire state building covered in fog New York NYC

All of New York City was covered in a low fog today, but the temps were gorgeous!

I never knew how much I would enjoy interviews and behind-the-scenes sneak peeks.

I never knew how much I could love New York City, or how comfortable I could feel there. Or that I would count the days til the next opportunity to take the train back into the City.

Don’t get me wrong….living in New York City with my family of seven is NOT and will not ever make it onto my bucket list. But I love traveling to New York City as often as I do, and I love the fact that I feel like I know my way around. Even just a little bit.

I remember (vividly) the first time I traveled to New York City, for another day of celebrity interviews and a movie premiere. I was there with my friend Jill and during a break we stopped at a restaurant named Rare and had (as I remember) some really tasty burgers.

Yesterday, as I approached my hotel, I recognized the restaurant right away…connected to my hotel. It was quite a profound moment, actually, when I realized how far I’d come and how many amazing life experiences I had enjoyed in the 3 years since my first visit.

When I was little, there was no such thing as a “blogger.” I didn’t know that I would want to become one someday, but it has been absolutely perfect for me.

After this weekend – this short and sweet weekend trip to New York City – I have decided to add a few things to my bucket list. AFTER the fact.

That’s ok, right?

Here’s a start to that list: sit on a movie set while the actors are shooting a scene; interview a celebrity; shake a celebrity’s hand; have a famous person as me about MY life; stay in a fancy hotel; order room service without guilt; receive VIP service in a public place; meet a stranger who knows who I am because of something I’ve written or done….

What would you add to your “after the fact” bucket list?

Side note: As a funny but slightly nerve-wracking turn of events, I got the the train station on Sunday afternoon only to discover that I had left my entire wallet AT HOME. I had my phone, my camera, my iPad, my computer, clothes and toiletries, cords and plugs, a checkbook and about $35 in random cash inside my purse.

And I decided to wing it. My husband scanned and emailed my driver’s license to the Disney rep in New York City who notified the hotel. And I spent 28 hours away from home with no ID, credit cards or debit cards.

Thank goodness for Amtrak, a printed ticket, good shoes for walking, and a per diem at the hotel.

By the way, “Enjoying a per diem at a fancy hotel” is totally one of those things that I am adding to my “Done That” Bucket List.

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