The Best Moments of 2012 #YesMemory

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I started a tradition when CandyMan and I were newly married. I bought a cheap, large frame with a collage matte and filled it with pictures from our first year together. That collage was a visual, daily reminder of all of the amazing things that we had done together during our first year of marriage. Wedding day, honeymoon, camping trip, first Christmas…

Through the years, I’ve made many other collages. Baby births, birthdays, family trips, first days of school… I love seeing my year pulled together and culminated in a collage like that.

During these first two weeks of January, I knew that I needed to go through the exercise of scanning through my pictures from 2012 to find the images that would best illustrate my amazing year. I finally got around to it last week:

2012-collage best moments of the year

2012 was a challenging year in many respects, but as I went through the thousands of pictures that I took through the year, I was reminded of the incredible opportunities I had and the fabulous memories that I made with friends and family. From a ton of press trips, 3 family trips, and 3 conferences, 2012 was a big travel year for me. There were birthdays, school events, music concerts, and so many more memories that I’d nearly forgotten about already.

Remembering and reliving our experiences through the photos we took made me appreciate this last year more than I realized.

Over the years, I’ve done a few different things with my end-of-year collage: framed photo collage, family calendar, scrapbooks, and video slide shows. Of course, YesVideo is perfect for taking your photos (whether in digital or printed format) and turning them into a wonderful year-in-review movie. And believe me when I say that a slide show of last year will be a family treasure 10 years from now.

I am a YesVideo Ambassador and receive compensation for my participation, but as always, thoughts expressed on this blog are my own.

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  1. I love looking through all my old photos too. I blog too so to look through my computer and scrapbooks makes me remember all the good and appreciate what I have.
    Brandie´s last blog post ..One Thing at a Time….


  2. Love the idea! Eeek, it’d be so hard to narrow down all the photos from an entire year to one collage, haha. Looking back at 10 years of memories sounds wonderful, I need to make sure I’m saving them now!


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