5 Minutes a Day + 5 Tips = Clean Shower

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For years it bothered me that my husband swore that cleaning the bathroom (shower and bath tub included) only took him 10 minutes. When I cleaned the bathroom, I was committed for the afternoon. And all too often, I would take the easy road and clean the toilet, sink and mirror, empty the garbage, and call it good.

I hated cleaning the shower.

Honestly, I’m still not too fond of it.

Seven of us share one shower. My three girls have long hair that clog up the drain. We have 17 bottles of shampoo, conditioner, body wash and scrubs (no joke – I counted) sitting on the side of the tub. Four of us shave.

Keeping up with the shower is a bear, but I’ve learned a few things that have helped me keep up with shower cleaning so that I don’t neglect it. Just today, my article on cleaning the shower (quickly) was published on Home Made Simple. Here’s just a sneak peek at the tips I share (I’d love it if you’d read the rest of my tips!):

5 minutes 5 tips clean shower

How to keep a clean shower in 5 minutes a day:

1. Use a daily shower spray.

2. Use a squeegee or a dry, absorbent rag to dry the shower after each use….

3. Remove hair from the drain and use a rag to wipe away hairs and dirt from the walls and floor….

4. Organize shampoos, body washes and soaps….

5. Leave the shower door or curtain and the bathroom door or window open to allow the air to circulate and speed drying of the walls.

Read the rest of the post on Home Made Simple

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  1. Great tips Lolli. I need to start keeping a rag in the shower and spray to wipe it down. Doing that every day beats scrubbing for an hour once a month.
    Shana D´s last blog post ..Wordless Wednesday-Heavy Metal


  2. so smart. The only thing that could make this post better is to read a tip for getting a maid for free. :)


  3. I’m pretty sure I can do 5 minutes. I hate cleaning and the shower really is one of the worst places to clean. This will definitely simplify things.
    Danielle´s last blog post ..Getting Creative with Recycling Plastic


  4. Great tips. I am always looking for something to make cleaning the shower easier.
    Sheila´s last blog post ..A Light Shed on Shakeology


  5. I have to say that cleaning the shower is one of my least favorite things to do, but 5 minutes a day is totally doable. Thanks for the tips!
    Angela´s last blog post ..EatSmart Precision Elite Digital Kitchen Scale Video Review


  6. Great tips!
    Off to read the rest!
    Kasandria Reasoner´s last blog post ..#DisneyOzEvent Twitter Party TONIGHT 8PM CST OVER $200 in Prizes



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