Medieval Times – Amazing Entertainment for the Whole Family

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Note: We were given tickets to Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament in Maryland (just outside of Washington DC) for our family. All thoughts and opinions – and photos – are my own.

medieval times Maryland

medieval times Maryland

As any mother knows, it is tough to find activities that cater to multiple kids of varying ages. If we take the family to a “little kid” activity, the older kids whine or insist on staying home. If we take the family to an “older kid” event we run the risk of the younger ones getting bored, restless or scared. It’s hard to find a happy medium, especially with a big family like mine.

medieval times Maryland

I’ll be honest. My two older girls were not 100% on board for a night out at Medieval TImes Dinner and Tournament. They were sure that they were going to be bored, that the show would not interest them, and that the food would not be good.

medieval times Maryland
I’m happy to report that my teens got more into the show than the rest of us combined.

What to expect at Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament:

medieval times Maryland

  • Expect an entertaining 2-hour show, with live jousting, falconry, music, horses, and a very filling 4-course meal.
  • Expect the family to become very attached to “their” knight – my kids were screaming and cheering louder than anyone, and my teenagers were determined to get a carnation from our knight (we didn’t get a carnation, but we did get a picture with him…)
  • Expect to be stuffed – there was so much food and everything was incredible (I was particularly surprised by how delicious the roast chicken was.
  • medieval times Maryland

  • Expect to get your hands dirty – the whole meal, from soup to the meat to the dessert, is eaten medieval-style…with your hands!
  • Expect to be amazed by the horses and riders – I was blown away by their skills!
  • Expect great seats – every seat in the house is fabulous. The way the seats are set up throughout the large room ensures that everyone can see everything, even the little ones.
  • medieval times Maryland

  • Expect fantastic service – our server was top-notch. The food came out quickly and was HOT (something this mom is not used to, especially since I tend to photograph half of what I cook!)
  • Expect an amazing performance – the cast was in character 100% of the time, and we really felt like we were at a real jousting tournament. These guys must practice for ages to get this good!
  • Expect to want to come back for more!

medieval times Maryland

About the show:

During the 2-hour show, a medieval scene is set. Guests are seated at teared tables around a large sand-covered ring and greeted by the King and his daughter, the princess, as guests of the royal house. As the food is delivered, the six knights are introduced and horses show off their incredible training. There’s a nice mixture of acting and pageantry. And then, in the middle of dinner, the jousting begins.

medieval times Maryland

We talked with our Knight (Go Red and Yellow Knight!) after the show and he confirmed that they alternate who wins the tournament each night, so even if you go back for another show, you’ll still be surprised.

medieval times Maryland

Our knight, though he came in second place, was in fact the BEST knight of the realm. He always had a smile on his face and was terrific with the crowd. Like I said before, my kids REALLY got into rooting for our knight.

medieval times Maryland

Our dinner consisted of a drink (sodas, iced tea and water are free, and specialty drinks in souvenir cups or alcoholic drinks can be purchased before the show or right from your seats), tomato bisque soup and garlic bread, roast chicken, spare rib, herb-roasted potato, and the most delicious and flaky apple pastry. Yes, everything CAN be eaten with your hands (you drink the soup straight out of the bowl) and, yes, they do provide hand wipes afterwards!

medieval times Maryland

Medieval Times locations:

Medieval Times has locations in the following cities…Do you have one near you?

  • Atlanta, GA
  • Baltimore/Washington, D.C.
  • Buena Park, CA
  • Chicago, IL
  • Dallas, TX
  • Lyndhurst, NJ
  • Myrtle Beach, SC
  • Orlando, FL
  • Toronto, ON


Tickets prices vary by location, so be sure to check the website for the castle nearest your home or your next vacation spot. Check Facebook for special deals on tickets, too!

medieval times Maryland

Have you ever been to a Medieval Times? What was your favorite part of the show? If you’ve never been, what do you think your family would enjoy the most? The costumes, the horses, the jousting…or the food?

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