Hugh Jackman on Parenting, Passion and the Wolverine

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I was invited to attend a New York City screening of The Wolverine with The Moms complete with an appearance and interview with Hugh Jackman. Although my movie and interview experience was provided by The Moms, I payed for my own way to get to New York and all opinions are my own.

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Hugh Jackman Wolverine interview

What an incredible experience, to sit in the same room with Hugh Jackman for 30 minutes! The energy in the room was awesome, and Hugh seemed like he was completely comfortable in the theater filled mostly with moms and a sprinkling of kids.

Although I wasn’t able to ask Hugh any questions personally, I felt like the questions asked were just perfect. Below are some of my favorite questions and answers from Hugh, followed by a video compilation of the interview with even more fun quotes (it’s worth watching simply for Hugh’s adorable smiles and laughter…and for his impromptu singing!).

The Moms: “You are the most versatile actor in the world. You are an actor, a dancer, a singer, probably a director soon…We really want to know what it is like to be the hottest man in America…in the world!”

Hugh Jackman: “I wish someone had told me that when I was 21 and single!”

Hugh Jackman Wolverine interview

The Moms: “When did you know ‘This is it, This is what I’m going to do with my life. This is in my soul and I can make a living with this.'”

Hugh Jackman: “I relate to the people who didn’t know until later in life. I got my first job when I was 26. I went to University, did a Liberal Arts degree, majored in journalism, a communications degree…thought I was going to be sitting where you guys are sitting.”

He went on to say, “My father always taught me to find the thing that you’re passionate about. Find the thing that you want to wake up for everyday, and when I finally went to drama school, I didn’t miss a day of classes. For me it was heaven. It didn’t feel like work. I don’t feel like I’ve worked a day in my life. I feel like the luckiest guy alive.

“If there’s one thing I could want for my kids, it’s that. I tell them, don’t worry about what anyone else says. Don’t worry about what’s cool. Don’t worry about the paycheck. Worry about, most importantly, what you’ve got talent for and what really turns you on. Because that’s what’s going to keep you up at the end of the day.”

Hugh Jackman Wolverine interview

When asked about his kids (a son, age 13, and a daughter, age 8) and privacy concerns, Hugh said, “I constantly try to remind them of what’s real. The things that last forever are real – your family, your friends. That stuff. Fame will come and go. The paparazzi, one day, will not be there. You have a choice, as you grow up, to have a private life, or have a public life. I try do my best to protect their private life, until they’re 18 and can make their own choice.”

Hugh Jackman Wolverine interview

Blogger: “Are there any roles you won’t play?”

Hugh Jackman: “If a movie is going to be very violent or explicit in some way, there has to be a reason for it. If it’s just violent for that’s sake, or to shock, then I probably won’t do it. Having said that, I won’t be judgmental….

“I think most actors will do anything, because that’s the gig, but if you do have choice, then I think it’s important to be responsible about it.”

Hugh Jackman Wolverine interview

Blogger: “You’re kind of mortal for the 1st time. You’ve been indestructible for the last several movies…How did you change into that thought of now I feel pain and react to the emotions of being mortal?”

Hugh Jackman: “I think one of the things we talked about when we went to make this movie, when you do more movies playing the same character who’s immortal…there’s this weird kind of inflation of my powers. It became so difficult to stop him. You kind of had to chop his head off, run him over with a Mack truck, put it through a pulverizer and that would just give him a band aid. One thing we lost was the stakes, the sense of danger that something bad could happen. In terms of playing that, in a way he’s becoming human, which of course is easy to play.

“I think that all of us can relate to that idea or notion of losing something you’ve always had and that you never thought would go and you’ve probably taken for granted. And then all the sudden when it’s gone. We can relate that in many, many different ways. When that happens, what’s it like?

“What’s really interesting for Logan, in the beginning of the movie, it’s a case of careful what you wish for. In a way, he doesn’t want to be Wolverine. He doesn’t want to live forever, his life has become a burden…but then when all of the sudden it happens, then he has to think twice about it.”

Hugh Jackman Wolverine interview

Child in audience: “Do you ever want to be Wolverine in real life?”

Hugh Jackman: “Sometimes I can get a little grumpy. Sometimes, I’ll be honest, if I haven’t been fed, I’m like a typical old man. I switch personality, and then I feel like I want the claws to come out. The great thing about claws is that you don’t really have to do anything but show those. You don’t have to lose your temper. You don’t have to go crazy and go postal. You just show the claws and everyone backs off.”

Hugh Jackman Wolverine interview

Side note: I had the perfect front row seat and was all set to film the entire interview from the cup holder while taking pictures with my camera and phone. Instead I was made to move to the third row back and had to handle all 3 cameras simultaneously. I didn’t do the greatest job handling so much, and that is brutally apparent in my video. I apologize.

If you can get past my shaky video taping (not only was I holding my enormous camera and trying to snap pictures at the same time, but I had gotten 2 hours of sleep the night before) then the interview is actually quite enjoyable.

I wish I had had more time with Hugh…or a personal picture (one friend was very eager for me to touch his hair for her, something I would have gladly done!) but I’ll take what I can get when it comes to an actor of his caliber!

What would YOU have asked Hugh Jackman if you had the chance?

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  1. I’m dying to see what the deal is about his wife! How lucky to see him in person!
    Tess´s last blog post ..Tuesday Things


  2. We cannot wait to see this movie! I like Hugh Jackman and my husband is a huge Wolverine fan!


  3. oh man, I could just sit and listen to his voice all day long!
    that is so awesome you got to be at such an awesome event and see him in person and even have him answer every one’s questions! So cool.


  4. I love, love, love Hugh Jackman. He is so talented and entertaining.


  5. I caught his interview with Oprah on Sunday night I think it was and he was talking about how one time he dropped onto her stage and cut his eye and he didnt want to turn around because his son was watching and he wasnt sure how bad it was. I thought that was amazing because I dont even think most would think first that their children were watching and might be affected.


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