VTech Connect to Cell Home Phone System

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Note: I received a VTech Connect to Cell™ 2-phone answering system with cordless headset to review from SheSpeaks. All thoughts and opinions included in this post are my own.

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We currently have 5 cell phones in our home. One for me, two for my husband (personal and business), one for my oldest daughter who recently got her license, and one that we have nicknamed the “House Cell.” It’s been a few years since we’ve had a landline. With all of our cell phones it seemed like a natural line to drop – we certainly haven’t missed the bill…but we have missed the convenience of having a normal home phone.

Especially when the kids get phone calls on my cell phone.

As convenient and wonderful as smart phones are, they can be quite persnickety in the house. Between losing calls because you happen to be in a dead spot in the house (our dead spot is the basement) or losing the cell phone altogether because someone has set it somewhere and forgotten (when the ringer is set to silent, of course)…sometimes dealing with cell phones at home is a recipe to pull your hair out. Don’t get me started on trying to call the kids when I’m out and they’re home – they are almost always hanging out in the basement and they never, ever hear the cell phone upstairs.

And now that I have a cell phone that I actually love, I am more protective of the times that I hand it over to my kids to wander around the house to chat. My kids may be over the cover-the-phone-with-slobber phase, but that doesn’t mean I’m ready to give them free-reign, either.

This past week, we got a package from VTech that solved our home phone woes.

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The VTech Connect to Cell™ phone system is an incredible tool for families like ours. You can pair up to two cellular lines and one landline with your cordless system through Bluetooth. When your cell phone rings, the VTech home phone system rings, and you can take the call on one of the cordless handsets anywhere in the house, leaving your cell phone where you get the best reception.

Some of the other cool features of the VTech Connect to Cell™ phone system:

  • Make and receive landline and cellular calls: Connect to BLUETOOTH®-enabled cellular phones to make and receive cellular calls with the ease and comfort of a home phone system.
  • Download Phonebook From Cell: Store 2000 records from up to two different cell phones; no need to input names and numbers into your cordless phone system.
  • Virtual Multi-Line Operation: Pair up to two cellular lines and one landline with your cordless system. Then, enjoy the freedom to make and receive calls on all three lines—all at once.

Our Vtech connect to cell phones

  • Expandable: Expand your system with up to 12 devices (cordless handsets or pendants) with only one phone jack
  • Ringtone Share: Set your cordless phone to play your iPhone® (iOS4.1 or later) ringtone.
  • Eliminate cell phone dead spots at home: Just place the base unit where cellular reception is best, then enjoy the freedom to make and receive cell calls using your cordless handsets anywhere in your home.

We have been loving ours – we keep the base unit in the kitchen, where we’ve got the most family traffic, and the other handset lives in the basement, next to the WiiU and the computers. All I have to do is remember to have my bluetooth enabled and keep my phone safely with me. I love not having to worry about cellular dead spots in the house OR having my kids lose my phone in the house.

Our VTech phone

Win a VTech Connect to Cell™ phone system

Does this sound like something that would be helpful in your home? Enter to win a VTech Connect to Cell phone system at SheSpeaks!

How many phones does YOUR family have? Do you still have a landline phone?

Connect with VTech:

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  1. This is so cool and just what we need! We have five cell phones (will be adding a sixth later this year) and still have a landline.
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  2. We have one of these phones and I really like it! It’s so convenient.


  3. I really like our VTech (similar to this) because I’m like you and can never hear my cell phone ringing if I am away from it. Plus, it is more comfortable to talk on a regular size phone than my cell phone AND my cell battery runs down faster if I’m talking on it all the time.
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  4. What a cool and useful phone. Thanks for the review
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  5. This phone sounds perfect for our landline!!
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  6. This sounds like hte perfect solution for our home! We still have a landline (I feel as if we’re the only ones left!) and our vtech phones have worked amazingly well but are on their last leg. We’ve had them forever! I’ll have to add these to our want list.
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  7. I LOVE the Vtech phones. We currently have a green VTech cordless set.
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