Be Yourself, Together: Unique Wedding Gifts from #TargetWedding

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This post is brought to you by Target, but all thoughts and ideas are my own. You can find more fun and unique wedding ideas by following #TargetWedding on your favorite social networks.

Over the 19 years that I’ve been married, I’ve attended many, many of weddings. I love weddings – from the perspective of the photographer and as a guest. I even love shopping for the wedding gift. I find it a challenge to locate unique wedding gifts that the couple will love AND that will somehow remind them of me. It’s like a puzzle…or a scavenger hunt. I love a good shopping challenge.

Because I love to give a meaningful gift, I was excited to find out about the Target Wedding theme for this year. “Be Yourself, Together” celebrates the unique qualities that each individual brings to a relationship. Each person may be totally different, but when they come together they create something beautiful.

Target Wedding challenged me to assemble a perfectly unique wedding gift using one item from the Target Wedding registry along with an item of my choice from anywhere in the store. I brought my oldest daughter along as a brainstorm partner and we searched our Target for ideas.

Target Rubbermaid Easy Find Lids

KitKat was my personal shopping Vanna White – and she totally swayed me on my final purchase!

We came up with several fun pairings – items that might not typically be paired together, but when combined create something unique and inspiring. I thought of couples that I know: One loves to travel (a luggage set) and one loves to enjoy the beauty at home (a canvas print for the house).

Another couple might have differing sleep schedules: One loves to head to bed early and wake up early (a beautiful bedding set) and the other prefers to stay up late listening to their music loud (a fancy bluetooth speaker).

Since I couldn’t buy everything on last week’s trip, I decided instead to pretend that I was buying a wedding gift for myself and my husband. And, honestly, after 19 years of marriage, we could use another wedding registry.

Be Yourself together

My perfectly unique (and totally functional) wedding gift is a gorgeous Threshold Dinner Setting in Aqua (for the half of the couple that enjoys a home-cooked, sit-down meal) paired with a nice big set of Rubbermaid “Easy Find Lids” storage containers (for the other half that prefers eating on-the-go).

One half of the gift is attractive and display-worthy – SHOW OFF. The other half of the gift is all about organization – HIDE AWAY. Both are completely functional and necessary, which I love.

Be Yourself Together #TargetWedding

Actually, one of the main reasons I chose this particular pairing to feature was the fact that nearly 20 years after my own wedding, both my dinnerware and all of my storage containers were in total disrepair. I no longer had a “set” of anything, but instead my cupboards were filled with mismatched pieces of this and that. My storage container cabinet in particular was chaos. Lids without bottoms, bottoms without matching lids. And everything stuffed in (because nothing nested properly). Now look at my glorious cabinet, thanks to a Rubbermaid 34-piece Easy Find Lids Set and The Perfect Stack, a 28-piece set with large size containers.

rubbermaid at home #TargetWedding

And, yes, I threw out all but a handful of my very best containers so I could start fresh. Wouldn’t it be a dream to do that all over the house?

I’m already making the list in my head…

target logo If you were shopping for the perfect “Be Yourself, Together” wedding gift for yourself, what two items (from the Target Wedding Catalog and all over Target) would you pick?

Many thanks again to Target for sponsoring this post and for giving me the push to get something for myself that has made such a huge difference in my kitchen!

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  1. I’m loving the aqua dinnerware! It’s such a beautiful color – one of my favorites!


  2. I spend way too much time and money at Target! I love that store. So, I would definitely register for the Rachel Ray Cookware set If I could relive my registry days! I’d also register for the Keurig. I think we’re the one of the few families who don’t own one!
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  3. I love Target! I am pretty sure they are my favorite place to shop off a wedding registry, too. Seems very organized!!
    Jennifer´s last blog post ..Our New Favorite Place in Chicago #LoveThisCity #MC


  4. Awww, I love the theme! So cute and just perfect! I love shopping for gifts too and boy is Target one my favorite places to shop.. hands down! I actually have one of the Rubbermaid sets too, LOVE how many pieces it came with! Awesome!
    Dawn Lopez´s last blog post ..Holiday Shopping Starts Now with #KmartLayaway


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