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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of the Facts Up Front program.

Feeding my family of seven probably should be a full time job – it certainly could be. Between the meal planning, the grocery shopping and then the preparing of all of the meals, not to mention the need to pay attention to the nutritional value of what I’m feeding everyone, sometimes I think it’s a miracle we eat as well as we do.

If feeding a family were only about plopping food on the table, it wouldn’t be such a stress. But it’s not only about putting dinner in front of the kids. As moms, we worry about feeding our kids the best foods with the best ingredients to help them not only grow up strong and healthy…but grow up with a healthy perspective on food and nutrition.

This mom needs some help in that department. As much as I love the idea of modeling a healthful diet and providing nutritious options for my kids, the reality is that I don’t have a lot of extra time to find food with less sugar, more fiber, less saturated fat, or less sodium. I need things to be as easy as possible.

Shopping and meal planning tips

Luckily, the Grocery Manufacturers Association Facts Up Front initiative, a voluntary campaign launched in 2011, is making it so much easier for moms like me – with not a lot of time to spare planning or shopping for the meals we feed our families – to make positive decisions when grocery shopping.

How is Facts Up Front helping moms make better-informed choices about the food we buy and eat? Simple. They are putting key information from the Nutrition Facts Panel on the front of the package. No more picking up every box or can and pouring over labels at the store.

Not only will Facts Up Front labeling provide a quick and easy resource to follow when at the store, but their website,, is a fabulous resource for consumers to learn more about reading, understanding, and applying the information we find on food labels.

Have I mentioned that I’m a busy mom of five and can use all the help I can get?

I love that so many food manufacturers as well as retailers are already jumping on board. Food companies including Nestle, Post Foods, Ocean Spray, PepsiCo, Campbell’s, General Mills, Coca-Cola, Kellogg’s, Kraft and Heinz already feature Facts Up Front on their packaging. Stores like Froger, Hy-Vee and Wegmans are also implementing Facts Up Front on their store brand packages.

nutella: facts up front

Shopping tips: What to look for on labels

• You want foods with more nutrients – look for labels that mention potassium, fiber, calcium, iron, and vitamins A, C, and D.
• You want foods with less saturated fat – choose lean cuts of meat and add more seafood into your meal planning. Choose low-fat or fat-free dairy products.
• You want foods with less sodium – look for reduced sodium or no salt added versions of the foods you buy, and when cooking at home add herbs and spices to season your food instead of salt.
• You want foods with less sugar – drink water instead of sugary sodas and juices. Stock up on fruits to satisfy your sweet tooth as a snack or dessert.
• You want foods with the right amount of calories – Use the nutrition calculator at to determine your daily calorie needs and then pay attention to calories listed on Facts Up Front labels.

Meal Planning Tips

After you’ve brought the food home, use these tips and the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s MyPlate visual to create the best meals for your family:

Choose My Plate

• Fill half of your plate with fruits and vegetables
• Choose lean proteins, like serving chicken instead of beef…or reach for the beans instead
• Serve whole grains
• Use low-fat or fat-free dairy products
• Use smaller plates to eat smaller portions
• Check serving sizes on Facts Up Front labels
• Check out all of the amazing recipes at to build healthier meals

How is your family making healthier choices in the food you’re buying and eating? I’d love to hear your best tips and tricks for serving the most nutritious foods to your family!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of the Facts Up Front program.

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  1. I think meal planning is the most annoying task ever! trying to keep it healthy and varied that everyone likes is always a big challenge around my house. so thanks for the info and the tips :)
    Kathleen Kennedy-Leon´s last blog post ..geraldine kennedy commented on the post, Paying it forward AGAIN with St. Baldricks


  2. This is a wonderful post that is coming to me in a very timely manner! Just had my physical today and it is apparent that I need to eat better and plan my meals accordingly.

    PS: The comment option was gone so I want to tell you here, that your chicken chipolte recipe was awesome!


  3. I need to concentrate on this more. I know it would help majorly with our budget. Thanks for the tips!


  4. How in the world do you it? You deserve a medal. I struggle with two teens and my hubby.

    I’m excited about the new nutritional labels coming out. Thanks to Facts Up Front, it will be easier to make informed decisions about the foods we eat. Some companies can really fool you into thinking something is healthy, and when you get home and read the label and find out otherwise.

    Thanks for sharing. I can’t wait to begin seeing the new labels in my grocery store.
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  5. my son loves nutella as a special treat :)
    Have Sippy Will Travel Mommy Blogger´s last blog post ..Set Visit to TV’s “The Middle”


  6. I’m always on the hunt for shopping and meal planning ideas. With a small budget and four adults with different nutritional needs it can be quite difficult.
    candi´s last blog post ..Touton Dough Pizza from Quarter Life Cents


  7. I always make sure my kids have a glass of milk with dinner. I also love that companies are putting nutrition info on the front of the packages. It sure makes shopping easier and a little faster too.
    Michelle Knopp´s last blog post ..Wednesday’s Wise Words to Live By: Henry Ward Beecher


  8. It is so hard with kids and their activities plus regular family stuff AND Planning meals… let alone buying healthy food options!! I love the campaign to have information out there for all to see!
    brett´s last blog post ..3 Reasons to Visit Virginia Beach


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