Finish Off National Ice Cream Month With a Bang! (And a #Giveaway)

13th birthday Dr. Who Cake

Where in the world did July disappear to? Last thing I remember, we were celebrating the beginning of summer, and now? Well, now we’re nearing the end. I leave on Sunday and only make an appearance at home for a few days here and there before school starts again at the end of August. I’m […]

Avengers Birthday Theme + Blue Bunny Ice Cream = Perfect Party (Giveaway!)

Avengers theme birthday party ideas

Marvel’s The Avengers is a hot ticket in our house these days. We’ve got Iron Man and Captain America action figures and a life-sized Captain America shield among other toys, and we’re huge fans of all Avengers-related the movies. As the last of five kids, I must admit that AJ has not had many birthday […]

A Horse Party. Not a House Party – Wordless Wednesday #WW #Linky

horse party

This past weekend, I took the two youngest kids to our friend’s birthday party. Not only was it horse-themed, but it was held at a farm where the the kids were all able to ride real horses. It was the perfect party (ok, minus the heat….). At the end, as the kids were filing into […]

An Avengers Birthday

Avengers birthday

AJ turned 7 years old today! I can’t believe my baby is 7! As is our tradition, he woke up early this morning and opened his presents before the majority of the family left for school. On the eve of his birthday, AJ watched Iron Man for the first time. It was perfect timing, because […]

How to Make the Perfect Birthday Cake

how to make the perfect birthday cake

I have a friend (shout out to Callie!) who makes the most amazingly beautiful cakes. I have tried to make pretty cakes, but the fact is…I usually fail. I make ugly cakes. The one thing I’m good at, though, is making cakes that people LOVE to eat. They taste amazing. And once you’ve had a […]

10 Signs That Your Little Girl is Growing Up

9 year old birthday girl

Reese turned 9 yesterday. She is my youngest daughter, and the petite one of the family. She’s always been the “little sister.” I’ve got to face the facts – Reese is not going to be a little girl for much longer. The signs are everywhere. Top 10 signs that my little girl is growing up: […]

Birthday Boy – Wordless Wednesday #WW

11 year old birthday boy

Twizzler celebrated his 11th birthday on Monday. It’s unbelievable to me that he is so old. I’m guessing that the fact that my third child – and oldest BOY – is so close to middle school and (gasp!) puberty is a sure sign that I am indeed old, too. Since he wanted to be with […]

Peanut Butter Cup & Oreo Layered Dessert


We celebrated a birthday in the family this week and decided to make a new recipe instead of the same old birthday cake. My oldest daughter found this dessert on Pinterest (I believe she has even more pins than I do) and we followed the recipe to We modified it a little – specifically, […]

Planning the “Perfect” Delivery #aMillionMoms

10Sep12_Penn_64 -1024x682

Yesterday, I shared my second Million Moms post. It has been many years since I was in a hospital delivering a baby, but in writing this post this week, I think I finally found closure. And peace. Did your child’s birth go the way you hoped it would? The moment that I held my oldest […]

A Week in My Life – Day 6 – My Birthday!


Yesterday I turned 37. Who would have known that 37 would be my best birthday in years? It started out like just about any other Saturday: soccer, soccer, and a little bit of flag football thrown in there. My only complaint about the team sports this week was that I wasn’t able to sleep in […]