11 on the 11th #WordlessWednesday


  My little girl, Reese, turned 11 today – 11 on the 11th of March! Between present-opening, a special mom and daughter lunch, dinner out with the family, and cake and ice cream before bed, it was a busy day. I think she enjoyed it, though. I still can’t get over how much she has […]

My Teenage Son {PSF – Give Me Your Best Shot}


  When my sister called to wish my teenage son a happy birthday this afternoon (yes, he’s officially a TEEN!), she commented that she couldn’t get over the voice on the other end of the phone. She was expecting a boy, but a man’s voice answered her. When did her sweet little nephew start sounding […]

A Christmasy Happy Birthday #WW

Christmas Eve 2013

  I woke up this morning the mother of a 17 year old daughter. We partied all day – a morning movie followed by frozen yogurt, then an early dinner and a Christmas concert at the DC LDS Temple Visitor’s Center (so good!) to finish the night. Oh, and let’s not forget birthday presents (pictures […]

Sweet 16 – The Chipotle Birthday Party

chipotle birthday party corn salsa

I think I’ve mentioned before that I am not a party organizer. My poor kids have suffered through the years with boring – or non-existent – birthday parties. Luckily, my oldest daughter, KitKat, was determined to have a party for her “sweet 16″ birthday and did all the planning for it to happen. All I […]

Sweet 16 – Give Me Your Best Shot #PSF


I am still having a hard time wrapping my brain around the fact that I have a a 16 year old daughter. How in the world have 16 Christmases gone by since that Christmas Eve that I welcomed my first daughter into my life? I am also amazed at how different my daughter is at […]

Birthday Flowers – PSF/Give Me Your Best Shot

birthday flowers

Monday was my birthday. And it kinda stunk. Two days after my birthday, the doorbell rang. One of the kids yelled up to my office – “Mom! Someone sent you flowers!” I almost cried when I saw them. I needed some beauty this week. And these birthday flowers were beautiful. Thank you to my friends […]

Celebrating My Birthday With Good Friends and @Blue_Bunny Ice Cream

blue bunny birthday party

Today I turned 38. Years ago, during a time that CandyMan and I like to refer to as “The Golden Years,” our neighborhood was filled with our best friends. Our back yard connected to another backyard. Our families were so close that we kept our back doors open and would come in and out of […]

Happy 2nd Birthday, Cousin! Wordless Wednesday

2nd_birthday party

My kids love their little cousin, who turned 2 on September 11. We gathered at my house on Saturday – all eleven of us for cake, candles, ice cream, presents, and lots of noise! Oh, the noise! But it was happy, happy noise. We are so blessed to have my sister and her family living […]

Finish Off National Ice Cream Month With a Bang! (And a #Giveaway)

13th birthday Dr. Who Cake

Where in the world did July disappear to? Last thing I remember, we were celebrating the beginning of summer, and now? Well, now we’re nearing the end. I leave on Sunday and only make an appearance at home for a few days here and there before school starts again at the end of August. I’m […]

Avengers Birthday Theme + Blue Bunny Ice Cream = Perfect Party (Giveaway!)

Avengers theme birthday party ideas

Marvel’s The Avengers is a hot ticket in our house these days. We’ve got Iron Man and Captain America action figures and a life-sized Captain America shield among other toys, and we’re huge fans of all Avengers-related the movies. As the last of five kids, I must admit that AJ has not had many birthday […]