Potion Making in the Kitchen – Give Me Your Best Shot #PSF

potion making dry ice

A package arrived earlier this week filled with dry ice (and Blue Bunny ice cream treats for AJ’s birthday next week). As excited as the kids were about the ice cream, they were equally as excited about the dry ice. AJ started making plans to make potions the next day after school. He used a […]

Back in My Hometown – Give Me Your Best Shot #PSF


What a nostalgic week! I’m currently traveling back from a quick trip to San Jose, California (writing this from the airport as I wait to board my plane). I spent my childhood in San Jose. Although we moved from San Jose when I was 11, we lived less than an hour away and still returned […]

Monster Moth – Give Me Your Best Shot #PSF

Big huge Maryland moth

A little while ago, my kids were playing outside and discovered a moth in our front yard. The kids ran inside to tell me about the moth. Finding insects and little critters outside is pretty common occurance, and nothing to get all excited about, I thought. And then I saw the moth. Yes, THIS moth […]

Wild Africa Trek at Disney’s Animal Kingdom – Give Me Your Best Shot #PSF

Lolli on the Wild Africa Trek at Disney's Animal Kingdom

How do I adequately describe the experience of being taken behind the scenes at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, being led on a three-hour private safari where I was close enough to reach out an touch animals (don’t worry – I didn’t), and enjoying African-inspired delicacies on the savanna? I truly felt transported to another world. I […]

Give Me Your Best {Kissimmee} Shot – PSF


I am overwhelmed by today’s experience here in Florida. After a late night getting settled in our Global Resort home and visiting with all of our blogging buddies, the morning came very, very early. We left in a Pegasus bus around 7:30 this morning to travel over to Florida EcoSafaris at Forever Florida. What a […]

Give Me Your Best Shot….From Pennsylvania!


My kids and I have spent the last 2 days in Pennsylvania with my sister and her 2 girls. It has definitely been the highlight of our Spring Break. Here’s a peek at all the fun we’ve had together… We’re heading back home tonight, and will sleep well after all the excitement we’ve had here, […]

Celebrating Day One of Spring Break with #TCBYGrocery


Sorry I’m late getting my PhotoStory Friday/ Give Me Your Best Shot post up. And please forgive my lack of fancy-camera pictures. I’ve been a little preoccupied partying with my kids. We’re celebrating the start of Spring Break!! Today the kids were in school….and tomorrow we all get to sleep in. Yes, glorious, wonderful vacation. […]

WICKED Day in New York City – PSF/GMYBS

Map of OZ - Wicked at Gershwin Theater

Riding the train to New York City is wonderful. I love the 3 hours sitting in a comfortable seat (there is so much more leg room than on airplanes) and the free wifi is a huge bonus. The trouble I have with trains, however, is that I have this odd tendency to miss them. Yesterday, […]

The Picture That Sums Up This Week – PSF and GMYBS

AJ eating ice cream

This week, we transitioned from mild Winter to full Spring. Windows were opened, the kids stayed outside until dark, and we all pulled out our shorts and t-shirts. It has been glorious. I’ve taken shots of the blossoms popping up on the trees in our court, sandaled feet, and the temperature reading on my car’s […]

Time With The Girls – Photostory Friday/Give Me Your Best Shot

Mirror Mirror bloggers

It’s a funny phenomenon….I’ve always been terribly shy. I was always the one to opt to read a book alone at home rather than go to a party or be around big groups of people. Somehow blogging changed all of that for me, and I no longer find myself wanting to hide inside my shell. […]