Flag Football Season – PSF GMYBS

flag football

I’m going to admit something to you today….I don’t love sitting at kids’ sports games. Yes, I love being able to offer my kids opportunities and team sports are a fantastic way to teach kids cooperation, skills, and fitness. However…. I just don’t love the demand that team sports are on the family. I do […]

The Class Halloween Parties – PSF and GMYBS

class Halloween party

Halloween was stretched out quite a bit this year. The class parties and school-wide Halloween parade at the elementary school took place on Friday because there was no school for kids on Halloween Monday. Then our annual trunk-or-treat event was held on Saturday night (yes, we held it in the snow…), and of course the […]

Autumn Sunsets…Ahh! PSF – GMYBS

Fall Autumn Sunset on the Potomac

I haven’t been enjoying this beautiful time of year as much I should lately. Typically stuck behind my computer all day, I am missing some of the most beautiful scenery the Washington DC area has to offer. Luckily, last weekend I was able to take a leisurely walk at sunset around my hotel on the […]

Crazy for Pumpkin Carving – PSF GMYBS Linky


It’s that time of year again!! I found pumpkins at Aldi’s for $2.49 (two-forty-nine?!) and so I bought three. Reese has been begging me daily to carve one of them. Apparently she REALLY wanted to carve a pumpkin, because she chose to stay home carving while I took the other kids out for ice cream. […]

A Week in my Life: Day 4 (Plus PSF – GMYBS)


For those of you who are here for my weekly Photostory Friday and Give Me Your Best Shot, I have been playing along all week with Adventuroo’s Week in the Life series, and although today’s picture might not be my BEST, they certainly tell a story. This morning, I was back to my typical 5:00 […]

Mornings – Photostory Friday and Give Me Your Best Shot

holding hands

My mornings start at 5:00 am. My first alarm goes off and I check to make sure that my oldest daughter is awake and getting ready for her early morning seminary class before high school. I go back to sleep until 5:40 am, when I take up my position at the front window, watching for […]

First Homecoming – Photostory Friday GMYBS


I’m not sure when my daughter got this old, but last Saturday KitKat went to her first Homecoming dance. Luckily, her first fancy school dance was an easy one on me….none of her friends were interested in going with dates, so a big group of girls went to the dance together. I was stunned when […]

Meant to Be That Way – Photostory Friday & Give Me Your Best Shot


I got a message on Facebook a few weeks ago regarding a friend’s friend who needed a last minute wedding photographer. My friend (actually a long time client of mine) recommended me, the bride-to-be and I chatted and checked dates, and I had a wedding on my schedule. I arrived at the wedding location last […]

Mushrooms, Eggs, and Sunny Days – PSF and GMYBS


I’m not a huge mushroom fan. I’ll eat them without complaint but I don’t go out of my way to put them in my food. However, I AM a huge fan of taking pictures of mushrooms. I can’t explain my weird fascination with photographing mushrooms, but every Fall I can’t help but hunt them down, […]

Too Busy – Photostory Friday/ Give Me Your Best Shot


These pictures make me smile. Nature, my kids, and my camera. I am not enjoying them as much as I should lately. These pictures are from September 9, 2010. One year ago. I don’t have any pictures to share this week beyond what I already shared on Wednesday’s post. Not only has it been too […]