Time With the Girls – Photostory Friday GMYBS

sisters 003

It’s a girl’s week at my mom’s house. Two of my 3 sisters have been here all week, along with my mom and my oldest daughter. (oh, and my dad, two of my nephews, and three of my nieces) I love spending time with these girls. Aren’t they beautiful? I am still holding out hope […]

Lessons From the Sky – PSF & Give Me Your Best Shot


I drove home from Pennsylvania this afternoon. My minivan was practically empty – just my six year old and a refreshed me heading back to Maryland. I had 2 hours to do nothing but think (and keep my eyes on the road). I snapped this picture of the Pennsylvania sky during one of the slow […]

Have Piano, Will Play – Photostory Friday


I have a new item on my photo prop wish list. After taking pictures of 1 year old twin girls today, I decided that I am definitely going to have to look for a kid-sized piano now. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a prop catch babies’ attention for so long. Now, I’m not […]

Baby With Boa – Photostory Friday


There is something wonderful about family members having babies. I can almost envision the joy I am going to feel once I become a grandma. I loved my babies. I LOVED the baby stage. But babies are WORK. Nieces, on the other hand, are just plain FUN. I just drove home from another whirlwind-of-a-summer-trip to […]

Dulles Air and Space Museum – PSF GMYBS

air and space museum

After a whirlwind of a camping trip that I can’t seem to stop blogging about, my dad came into town, followed by a short visit by my sister and her two kids. Rather than stay home in the air conditioning, we opted to take the group of 7 kids to the Dulles Air and Space […]

We’re Back From Jellystone Park – PSF linky

Jellystone Park

We returned from our camping trip yesterday (which means that today has been a heavy-duty laundry day for me!). I can’t say enough good about our little family vacation….and in fact, I don’t have enough time today to do our trip justice, so I figured I’d just show a couple of highlights from our stay: […]

The Traveling Photo Booth – Photostory Friday/Give Me Your Best Shot


Two days after school let out, my mother in law, the kids, and I drove down to Virginia to celebrate my brother in law’s recent wedding. The kids loved spending some one on one time with their uncle and newest aunt, we had a great time spending a couple of nights at a hotel, and […]

Saying Goodbye to Friends – PSF/GMYBS linky

river photo shoot

A few years ago, a family moved in near us. I instantly hit it off with the mom, and our similarly-aged kids became best of friends. Our teens got together for loads of movie parties, our kindergarteners had Type A Conference, I took their kids (all 7 of them!) down to

#Typeacon – Photostory Friday

typea 001

On Wednesday morning, I set off with three blogging friends in a new Dodge Grand Caravan and drove 8 hours to Asheville, North Carolina, for the Type A Parent Conference. Today, I attended several hours of blogging classes, and I’ve been taking copious notes. But because the internet has been spotty at best at the […]

Necco is 12! PSF – Give Me Your Best Shot Linky

12 year old birthday party

It has taken me nearly a week to recover from the 12-year-old birthday sleep over party that occurred at my house last Friday. Kidding. It wasn’t really that bad. It was noisy, yes. It was messy, too. But I was more than happy to play host to good kids having good, clean fun together. I […]