Dulles Air and Space Museum – PSF GMYBS

air and space museum

After a whirlwind of a camping trip that I can’t seem to stop blogging about, my dad came into town, followed by a short visit by my sister and her two kids. Rather than stay home in the air conditioning, we opted to take the group of 7 kids to the Dulles Air and Space […]

We’re Back From Jellystone Park – PSF linky

Jellystone Park

We returned from our camping trip yesterday (which means that today has been a heavy-duty laundry day for me!). I can’t say enough good about our little family vacation….and in fact, I don’t have enough time today to do our trip justice, so I figured I’d just show a couple of highlights from our stay: […]

The Traveling Photo Booth – Photostory Friday/Give Me Your Best Shot


Two days after school let out, my mother in law, the kids, and I drove down to Virginia to celebrate my brother in law’s recent wedding. The kids loved spending some one on one time with their uncle and newest aunt, we had a great time spending a couple of nights at a hotel, and […]

Saying Goodbye to Friends – PSF/GMYBS linky

river photo shoot

A few years ago, a family moved in near us. I instantly hit it off with the mom, and our similarly-aged kids became best of friends. Our teens got together for loads of movie parties, our kindergarteners had Type A Conference, I took their kids (all 7 of them!) down to

#Typeacon – Photostory Friday

typea 001

On Wednesday morning, I set off with three blogging friends in a new Dodge Grand Caravan and drove 8 hours to Asheville, North Carolina, for the Type A Parent Conference. Today, I attended several hours of blogging classes, and I’ve been taking copious notes. But because the internet has been spotty at best at the […]

Necco is 12! PSF – Give Me Your Best Shot Linky

12 year old birthday party

It has taken me nearly a week to recover from the 12-year-old birthday sleep over party that occurred at my house last Friday. Kidding. It wasn’t really that bad. It was noisy, yes. It was messy, too. But I was more than happy to play host to good kids having good, clean fun together. I […]

Slip N Slide (Trying to Stay Cool!) – PSF Linky


We’ve had record heat these past few weeks, and although the kids are still in school for another week, it definitely FEELS LIKE SUMMER. We have been running the AC non-stop and blowing fans in every room. And when that doesn’t work, we turn on the water and play in the back yard. Anything to […]

Love and Marriage (and Gnats) – PSF Linky


It’s wedding and engagement season again. Unfortunately, it’s also gnat season. I met this fun couple at a local garden yesterday morning to take a few engagement shots. We had to postpone their photo shoot a few times last month because of rain, so when we had a dry morning for pictures, we were thrilled. […]

Barney Birthday Party (PSF Linky)

Barney Party

My BFF Safire, who accompanied me to BlogHer last year, won a birthday party for her kids from Sprout and PBS Kids while we were there. Her twins turned 3 at the end of April and her daughter turned 6 just a few weeks ago, so she threw an enormous combined birthday party with everyone’s […]

My Baby is Six – PSF GMYBS Link-up

6th Birthday

If I had any doubts about the fact that my baby is growing up, those doubts are gone today. Yesterday, AJ celebrated his 6th birthday. I remember when KitKat turned six years old. She seemed so old. Now with my baby turning 6 and my oldest in high school, gone are the days of bottles, […]