Ice, Ice Baby! Photostory Friday and GMYBS


This week went way too fast for me. In fact, in my post from a little earlier I mentioned that I completely missed Wednesday. I thought it was Tuesday until Wednesday night when I realized that I had totally missed posting a WordFul Wednesday. I’ll live. At least I figured it out before Saturday hit. […]

The Man in the Sand – PSF

National Harbor

The other day, I posted about the trip that my kids and I took to the National Harbor to see ICE at the Gaylord National Resort. Since there were so many pictures, I didn’t do the beach shots justice. (When I say beach shots, remember that it was around 30 degrees outside) Apparently, this enormous […]

Pumpkin Muffins – Food Photographer, I am Not

Pumpkin muffins

As much as I love taking pictures of just about anything, I have never been really excited about any of the food photos that I have taken. Maybe mastering food photography should be one of my goals for 2011. Regardless of how these muffins look….they tasted incredible. The family liked them, too, apparently. The other […]

Fourteen! GMYBS-PSF (+ important info on My Chaos, My Bliss)

14th birthday dinner

Last Friday, my baby turned 14. I can remember with vivid clarity my first pregnancy….the fears, the excitement, the anticipation, the questions. There were plenty of each. I don’t know if the fears and questions ever go away. As soon as the questions are answered and the fears put to rest, they are replaced by […]

Christmas on the Beach – GMYBS/PSF

Beach in December

I’ve been singing “I’ve been dreaming of a white Christmas” since I learned how to talk. Not only is it a beautiful song, but it comes from my favorite Christmas movie. But I don’t believe it at all. I’d take a colorful Christmas, with warm air and a cool breeze any day. I hope you’re […]

Newborn photography

Newborn photos

The plan was to blog about the gingerbread house that my kids put together the other day. It was the shortest-lasting gingerbread house in history. Not only did the kids decorate it with frosting and candies, but they sprinkled it with Oreo crumbs (dirty snow?) and ate it immediately. They saved me the hassle of […]

The Recipe I Search For Every Holiday – GMYBS-PSF

cheese log

It never fails. Thanksgiving, Christmas, or Easter rolls around and I go on a frantic, tear-the-house apart search for my favorite cheese log recipe. I’ve been making this cheese log since a friend shared the recipe with me years ago. I’ve almost got it memorized, but since I only make it 3 times a year, […]

Exploring Costa Rica – GMYBS/PSF


It’s hard to believe, I know, but I actually have more photos from my trip to Costa Rica last week. There was just so much to see, to explore, and to enjoy. The morning after my brother in law’s wedding, CandyMan and I took a walk down the beach. I’ve never been on such a […]

Fall Photo Shoots – GMYBS/PSF


I’ve been relaxing at the beach all week without my computer, so I decided to feature some of my favorite photos from my recent photo shoots (It has been One Busy Fall. I love it that way!) Get ready….there are a lot of them! Maternity: Family: Bat Mitzvah: Senior: Hosted by Cecily and Lolli To […]

Stretching: School Secretary, a Soccer player, and a Swimmer

Not a stellar soccer player

My fifth grade year was a year for stretching. Having spent the good part of my childhood in ballet, when my schedule suddenly opened up, I decided to fill it up with new things. I signed up for a soccer team and found out that I stunk at soccer and didn’t really enjoy team sports […]