Central Park on Sunday Morning – Photostory Friday

walk in central park

I had about an hour to myself on Sunday morning in New York City last weekend. The weather was uncommonly clear and mild for December, and I took full advantage. The hour that I spent in Central Park was in extreme contrast to the hustle and bustle and excitement of the rest of the weekend. […]

Finding My Inspiration – Photostory Friday – Give Me Your Best Shot


I haven’t been taking many pictures lately. In fact, I feel like I keep saying that. Week after week I find myself coming up empty when I go looking for “my best shot.” Today, tired and full of anxiety (which has been particularly bad lately), I cleaned my house to get ready for a non-time […]

Black Friday Newbie – GMYBS – Photostory Friday


Apparently, cooking all day and then nearly passing out after dinner from pure exhaustion and turkey-coma caused me to completely forget about posting Photostory Friday and Give Me Your Best Shot. And waking up at 2:30 to tackle my very first Black Friday line in front of a mall didn’t help my memory. Of course, […]

A Sneak Peek for Tara – PSF & Give Me Your Best Shot

Tara's family

Earlier today, I drove 2+ hours north to meet up with one of my dear blogging friends – Tara from Feels Like Home. I spent some time with Tara and her family before heading up the road to hang out with my sister for the night. Here’s a little sneak peek at what I captured […]

Flag Football Season – PSF GMYBS

flag football

I’m going to admit something to you today….I don’t love sitting at kids’ sports games. Yes, I love being able to offer my kids opportunities and team sports are a fantastic way to teach kids cooperation, skills, and fitness. However…. I just don’t love the demand that team sports are on the family. I do […]

The Class Halloween Parties – PSF and GMYBS

class Halloween party

Halloween was stretched out quite a bit this year. The class parties and school-wide Halloween parade at the elementary school took place on Friday because there was no school for kids on Halloween Monday. Then our annual trunk-or-treat event was held on Saturday night (yes, we held it in the snow…), and of course the […]

Autumn Sunsets…Ahh! PSF – GMYBS

Fall Autumn Sunset on the Potomac

I haven’t been enjoying this beautiful time of year as much I should lately. Typically stuck behind my computer all day, I am missing some of the most beautiful scenery the Washington DC area has to offer. Luckily, last weekend I was able to take a leisurely walk at sunset around my hotel on the […]

Crazy for Pumpkin Carving – PSF GMYBS Linky


It’s that time of year again!! I found pumpkins at Aldi’s for $2.49 (two-forty-nine?!) and so I bought three. Reese has been begging me daily to carve one of them. Apparently she REALLY wanted to carve a pumpkin, because she chose to stay home carving while I took the other kids out for ice cream. […]

A Week in my Life: Day 4 (Plus PSF – GMYBS)


For those of you who are here for my weekly Photostory Friday and Give Me Your Best Shot, I have been playing along all week with Adventuroo’s Week in the Life series, and although today’s picture might not be my BEST, they certainly tell a story. This morning, I was back to my typical 5:00 […]

Mornings – Photostory Friday and Give Me Your Best Shot

holding hands

My mornings start at 5:00 am. My first alarm goes off and I check to make sure that my oldest daughter is awake and getting ready for her early morning seminary class before high school. I go back to sleep until 5:40 am, when I take up my position at the front window, watching for […]