Beginning a Project 365 – Photostory Friday & Give Me Your Best Shot

Project 365 Week1

It’s a new year, I just got a new Android Smartphone with a cool camera and fun photo apps, and I have been hearing a ton of buzz about Project 365. I tried completing a Project 365 a few years ago and only made it a couple months. But that was before smart phones. My […]

Christmas in Florida – Photostory Friday

Christmas on the beach in Florida

We just rolled in to Maryland earlier today, and BOY is the temperature difference between here and Florida drastic. In fact, less than an hour after arriving back home, snow started falling. I think we were all ready to turn back around to enjoy a few more days of Florida temperatures and sun. I’ve hardly […]

Photostory Friday From the Beach

Florida beach house

Merry Christmas from the warm beaches of Florida! We survived our 16 hour drive (which normally takes us 17 hours…) and have already enjoyed the 80 degree weather and the white sand in our toes. I can already feel myself decompressing. Hosted by Cecily and Lolli To play Give Me Your Best Photo Story Friday, […]

Georgetown Cupcakes with a Friend – PSF

Lolli and Kristi

What do two blogging friends do when they meet for the first time? Photo by Kristi (from her iPhone!) They find a place to eat, of course! And what do those two bloggers do when they order a dozen famously gourmet cupcakes? Well, if they are photographers, they take pictures of those cupcakes for 20 […]

Central Park on Sunday Morning – Photostory Friday

walk in central park

I had about an hour to myself on Sunday morning in New York City last weekend. The weather was uncommonly clear and mild for December, and I took full advantage. The hour that I spent in Central Park was in extreme contrast to the hustle and bustle and excitement of the rest of the weekend. […]

Finding My Inspiration – Photostory Friday – Give Me Your Best Shot


I haven’t been taking many pictures lately. In fact, I feel like I keep saying that. Week after week I find myself coming up empty when I go looking for “my best shot.” Today, tired and full of anxiety (which has been particularly bad lately), I cleaned my house to get ready for a non-time […]

Black Friday Newbie – GMYBS – Photostory Friday


Apparently, cooking all day and then nearly passing out after dinner from pure exhaustion and turkey-coma caused me to completely forget about posting Photostory Friday and Give Me Your Best Shot. And waking up at 2:30 to tackle my very first Black Friday line in front of a mall didn’t help my memory. Of course, […]

A Sneak Peek for Tara – PSF & Give Me Your Best Shot

Tara's family

Earlier today, I drove 2+ hours north to meet up with one of my dear blogging friends – Tara from Feels Like Home. I spent some time with Tara and her family before heading up the road to hang out with my sister for the night. Here’s a little sneak peek at what I captured […]

Flag Football Season – PSF GMYBS

flag football

I’m going to admit something to you today….I don’t love sitting at kids’ sports games. Yes, I love being able to offer my kids opportunities and team sports are a fantastic way to teach kids cooperation, skills, and fitness. However…. I just don’t love the demand that team sports are on the family. I do […]

The Class Halloween Parties – PSF and GMYBS

class Halloween party

Halloween was stretched out quite a bit this year. The class parties and school-wide Halloween parade at the elementary school took place on Friday because there was no school for kids on Halloween Monday. Then our annual trunk-or-treat event was held on Saturday night (yes, we held it in the snow…), and of course the […]