Traditional Easter Eggs – PSF GMYBS Link-up

Easter eggs

After showing off our slightly complicated Easter Egg decorating the other day, today I am ready to share the more traditional “dunk and dye” eggs that we also decorated this week. Sadly, we have spent the majority of our Spring Break with 2 or 3 kids sick. Vacation is no fun when all you want […]

Where Are the Blossoms? PSF – GMYBS

After a morning blogger event in DC, I joined a few of my local blogger friends for a quick drive down to the National Mall to see the last of the season’s cherry blossoms. Note: no drive to Downtown DC can be considered “quick.” In fact 5 miles in DC will usually take about 30 […]

A Glimpse Into my Life – Link Up!

I am convinced that the iphone is helping me document my life like nothing else. Despite the fact that some of my family members complain that I am taking too many pictures with my new-ish phone, I am sold on it….and mildly addicted to sharing everything from funny kid quotes to pretty views on Instagram. […]

Washington DC Cherry Blossoms

Washington DC Cherry Blossoms

I was faced with a dilemma this morning. The kids were out of school, and several of my friends had planned a trip to take all of our kids to DC for the annual Cherry Blossom Festival. I wanted to go. Three of my kids really wanted to go (three of my kids have best […]

Signs of Spring – PSF and GMYBS

Signs of Spring

Can we all breathe a collective sigh of relief for Spring? The emergence of flowers, buds, birds, sunlight, and color everywhere not only makes me want to be outside, but it makes me want to pull my camera out more often. I’ve definitely noticed a Winter camera hibernation of sorts. I just don’t feel inspired […]

The Best Plans – PhotoStory Friday

St patrick's day at the doctor

How often do perfect plans get dashed by days like today? The morning started out with a very green visit to the doctor (diagnosis: pink eye), followed by the most painful dentist cleaning of my life. Reese, who came along with me, remarked that she was “freaked out” having to watch it. Apparently, this new […]

8-Year-Old Reese (Photostory Friday linky!)

Reese birthday Hat

March 11 is Reese’s 8th birthday. Eight! She is a joy. A little ball of energy. A lot of personality stuffed into a small package. Happy birthday to my Reese! My mom has been crocheting hats ever since she arrived at our house on Tuesday night. I love the hat she brought for me, and […]

Free Pancakes at IHOP – Photostory Friday GMYBS

when kids don't smile for the camera

I got an iPhone this week. I was able to find a great deal on a used iPhone 3g and a friend of mine had mentioned her success in using an unlocked iPhone with T-Mobile, who has been my carrier for the last 6 years or so. I was thrilled to get the phone, although […]

Last Week, Sandals. This Week, Snow Boots.

Snow Storm again!

Last Friday, I was at the park with the kids wearing my flip flops and a pair of capris that I had pulled out of the Summer clothes bag in storage. 80 degrees felt like heaven. The kids kept making comments about Spring finally being here. I told the kids not to get used to […]

San Francisco. Yes, Again.

Golden Gate bridge

I’ve blogged *a few* times about my trip to San Francisco last week. I apologize for creating another post about it. The trip and the pictures were just too much fun for a single post. (Plus, honestly, it has taken me all week to get through all of the pictures from my memory card.) If […]