The Picture That Sums Up This Week – PSF and GMYBS

AJ eating ice cream

This week, we transitioned from mild Winter to full Spring. Windows were opened, the kids stayed outside until dark, and we all pulled out our shorts and t-shirts. It has been glorious. I’ve taken shots of the blossoms popping up on the trees in our court, sandaled feet, and the temperature reading on my car’s […]

Time With The Girls – Photostory Friday/Give Me Your Best Shot

Mirror Mirror bloggers

It’s a funny phenomenon….I’ve always been terribly shy. I was always the one to opt to read a book alone at home rather than go to a party or be around big groups of people. Somehow blogging changed all of that for me, and I no longer find myself wanting to hide inside my shell. […]

Family Fun Night With Shrek & Friends

Shrek and Friends Family fun night at the Gaylord

OK, usually the word bombarded has negative connotations, but this time it’s completely positive…. I feel like I have been bombarded with the most amazing opportunities lately. My family and I have had the opportunity to do so many things that we normally would not have been able to do. The latest incredible adventure (another […]

New York City – The Reality {Photostory Friday-GMYBS}

New York City with kids

OK, I’ve shown you the pretty pictures and shared tips on how to have a cheap day trip to New York City. And I’ve hinted to the fact that the trip was rather difficult. Today I am going to tell it like it is, nothing held back. Honestly, in the end I think we all […]

Food Photography {Help?} – PSF/GMYBS

Butterfinger blondies

Apparently, all I am good for these days is cooking. The strangest thing happened to me while I have been sick these past few weeks. I actually want to cook. Either the pneumonia has done something to my head or I’ve been spending way too much time on Pinterest while I’ve been trying to rest. […]

Look at the Stars – Photostory Friday/GMYBS

Susan Niebur memorial

This has been a rough week. First, Susan Niebur, my friend and fellow DC-area blogger died on Monday. Her passing was not a surprise. She has been valiantly fighting cancer for the last 5 years and had not been doing well of late. I’ve found that funerals are emotionally taxing, but they are cleansing as […]

Miracle – Photostory Friday/Give Me Your Best Shot


Note: These pictures are just cool shots I took at the park this week. AJ grabbed my hand and pulled me over to a branch that had some pretty cool “carvings” on it. I told him they weren’t carvings, but we did have fun contemplating what they could be (like alien markings!). But that is […]

Oh, It’s Winter? {Photostory Friday/Give Me Your Best Shot}


This winter has been odd, to say the least. We’ve had snow three times so far, and none has lasted longer than a day and a half. So I didn’t complain about this week’s snow quite as much as I normally would in January. This week, our snow storm brought out one of my favorite […]

Fish Eyes – Photostory Friday/Give Me Your Best Shot

swimming pool with fish eye lens

Believe it or not, I really did take pictures with my real camera this week (quite a few of them, in fact). I believe that most of those pictures were of food, because suddenly my oldest daughter and I have become Pinterest fanatics and can’t wait to recreate some new Pinterest recipe or creation each […]

Don’t Get Mad. Just Blog About It


Alternately titled… “How to make homemade notebook paper” Today was an odd day. I decided to force myself to take a nap (I was significantly sleep-deprived after a really late night. Long story). So I slept til after lunch, ate a late meal, and then took a shower. I basically had time to get ready […]