Disney’s California Adventure Pixar Play Parade – Give Me Your Best Shot #PSF

I had the best seat in the house for the Pixar Play parade on Tuesday and only wished that my kids could have been with me to enjoy it. All of their favorite Disney/Pixar characters were present and the costumes, floats, and dancers were full of color and fun. Just looking through these photos makes […]

First 5K – Father/Son Run – Give Me Your Best Shot #PSF

first 5k - father and son run

Twizzler is a natural runner. We noticed his natural speed and love for running a few years ago, but unlike team sports like soccer and football, track seems to be completely absent from the normal sports offerings for young kids. Now that he’s finished with elementary school, he’ll be able to join the track team […]

The Fun is in the Packaging – Give Me Your Best Shot #PSF

dry ice fun

You know the old idea that kids are often more interested in playing with a box than with what’s inside the box? I had one of those experiences this past week with the dry ice inside a package of Blue Bunny ice cream that was delivered for Necco’s birthday. We hid the ice cream away […]

Two-Headed Monster Takes Over Yogurt Shop – Give Me Your Best Shot #PSF

two-headed monster

I drove my mom to the airport today. Seven days with my mom is definitely not enough time, but I enjoyed every second of it. I’ll be spending the next few days trying to catch up on the tasks I’ve been avoiding while Mom and I have been off shopping and eating lunch out and […]

How to Capture a Good Picture of Your Kids – #PSF Give Me Your Best Shot

lollipop pictures

A few weeks ago, when I came home from a trip to San Jose with YesVideo, my kids found a big orange lollipop and a blue stick of rock candy in my suitcase. AJ and Reese instantly claimed the treats, but I said that the candies were too pretty to let anyone eat them before […]

Being a Kid for a Day #YesMemory – Give Me Your Best Shot #PSF

Dave and Buster's YesVide blogger trip

It seems like ages ago that I got back from my trip to San Jose to visit YesVideo’s headquarters, but it really wasn’t that long ago. “Real life” tends to envelop me and make those glorious days of travel seem to be more distant than they really are. I left my memory card with all […]

Potion Making in the Kitchen – Give Me Your Best Shot #PSF

potion making dry ice

A package arrived earlier this week filled with dry ice (and Blue Bunny ice cream treats for AJ’s birthday next week). As excited as the kids were about the ice cream, they were equally as excited about the dry ice. AJ started making plans to make potions the next day after school. He used a […]

Back in My Hometown – Give Me Your Best Shot #PSF


What a nostalgic week! I’m currently traveling back from a quick trip to San Jose, California (writing this from the airport as I wait to board my plane). I spent my childhood in San Jose. Although we moved from San Jose when I was 11, we lived less than an hour away and still returned […]

Monster Moth – Give Me Your Best Shot #PSF

Big huge Maryland moth

A little while ago, my kids were playing outside and discovered a moth in our front yard. The kids ran inside to tell me about the moth. Finding insects and little critters outside is pretty common occurance, and nothing to get all excited about, I thought. And then I saw the moth. Yes, THIS moth […]

Wild Africa Trek at Disney’s Animal Kingdom – Give Me Your Best Shot #PSF

Lolli on the Wild Africa Trek at Disney's Animal Kingdom

How do I adequately describe the experience of being taken behind the scenes at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, being led on a three-hour private safari where I was close enough to reach out an touch animals (don’t worry – I didn’t), and enjoying African-inspired delicacies on the savanna? I truly felt transported to another world. I […]