Photography Tutorials

This is a running list of the tutorials I have written and featured here on Better in Bulk. If you have a photography question you would like to have answered, send me a question and I will be happy to write a tutorial just for you (provided I know the answer!).

The Basics:

10 Tips to Improve your Photography
The Mode Dial: Get to Know Your Camera
What Are Megapixels?
Photography Tips for Rainy Days
Outdoor Photography Tips
How to Achieve Perfect Focus
How to capture a natural smile
Posing, Day 1
Posing, Day 2
Posing, Day 3

The Technical Stuff:

Shutter Speed
Aperture Explained
Exposure Triangle
Exposure Compensation
The Rule of Thirds


The Key
Macro Photography
How to Avoid the Red-eye Effect
Best Lenses for Your DSLR

Where I store my photos online:

People ask me all the time where I prefer to store my photos online. I have used both Flickr and Photobucket, and though they are popular, they didn’t do what I needed them to. I finally found the perfect solution for me in SmugMug. (Want to check out my albums?) I love the way that I can organize, view, and share my pictures there. If you’d like to see what it can do, you can try it free. And if you want to sign up, here’s a $5 off coupon. I highly recommend it!

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