One Last Night with My Siblings #PSF


  Today’s post is going to be short because I’m currently packing up to make the return trip home to Maryland after being gone all summer. My emotions are running high right now…I’ll be leaving my oldest daughter in this state as we drive across the country and I won’t be seeing her again until […]

Our Trip to Mount Rushmore #PSF – Give Me Your Best Shot

mount rushmore south dakota

  Mount Rushmore is one of those places that every American should make a point to see in person. It took us several days of driving to finally make it to South Dakota, but the time to find Mount Rushmore was worth the effort. I think that my favorite part of visiting Mount Rushmore was […]

Nauvoo, Illinois, and Carthage Jail #PSF


  I’ve been slowly working through my family’s cross-country road trip and all of the stops we made between Maryland and Utah. After visiting Kirtland, Ohio, we drove eat toward Nauvoo, Illinois, for another LDS Church History stop. Nauvoo was home to early members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints from late […]

Our Trip to Kirtland, Ohio #PSF


  One of the goals of our family road trip was to make as many meaningful stops as possible on the way out West. Our second stop on our trip was to Kirtland, Ohio. Sadly, we didn’t have a lot of time to spend in Kirtland, but even with just under 3 hours or so, […]

Hiking to Silver Lake in the Uinta National Forest #PSF

  After driving over 3200 miles across the country and taking a day to rest (and to do lots and lots of laundry) we thought it would be fun to take a “quick” 5 mile hike with the cousins. Let’s just say that 5 miles straight up and down a mountain is very different (and […]

One Last Family Trip to Castle Park #PSF Give Me Your Best Shot


  As we prepare to load up the car and drive across the country to take my oldest daughter to college next week, we just HAD to make one last trip to Castle Park (our nickname for it, at least). Castle Park holds so many memories for us – it was a favorite of the […]

Necco’s Birthday – a Little Delayed #PSF


  I remember sharing a family picture from Necco’s 15th birthday – nearly a month ago now! – on Facebook. But apparently the month of June really WAS so crazy that I neglected to “officially” post about her special day. And considering how infrequently I show up in pictures with my kids, it would really […]

Duck Pond with the Cousins #PSF Give Me Your Best Shot


  After iRetreat ended on Tuesday, my sister and I had fun with all the kids in Hershey. We visited a nearby duck pond and stream and let the kids loose to explore. We had a hard time convincing everyone that it was time to leave…but we DID have to feed them dinner eventually. Every […]

Harmony College East 2014 #PSF Give Me Your Best Shot

Harmony College East 2014

  I never really dreamed of becoming a soccer mom. I don’t have much interest in team sports. I imagined that I’d be a piano mom or a dance mom. I never thought that I’d be a barbershop mom. This past school year, my 2nd daughter, Necco, got involved in her school’s barbershop quartet program. […]

Reese’s 5th Grade Graduation #PSF Give Me Your Best Shot


  What a day! Today started early like most school days do…but today was no ordinary school day. Today was the day of my youngest daughter’s graduation from elementary school (though they refuse to call it a graduation…). I left for an end-of-year trip with my 2nd daughter, Necco, and her high school quartet directly […]