High Ropes Course at the Museum of Natural Curiosity #PSF

High ropes course at the Museum of Natural Curiosity

  My kids and I have been to the Museum of Natural Curiosity at Thanksgiving Point (Utah) many, many times, thanks to my mom’s Grandparent’s Pass. So my kids had seen the High Ropes course and commented on it dozens of times. At the end of this summer (yes, I’m still making my way through […]

Grand Canyon, North Rim: Family Travel Spot #PSF

Family travel spot: Grand Canyon North Rim by Better in Bulk

  One of the highlights of our recent road trip was visiting the Grand Canyon for the very first time. Since we were driving in via Mesquite, Nevada, we headed toward the North Rim (which is the less-busy side) and absolutely fell in love. I would have loved to stay in the Grand Canyon for […]

Dinosaur National Monument #PSF

Dinosaur National Monument in Vernal Utah by Better in Bulk

  It’s time to step back in time…to the age of the dinosaurs. I’ve been to dinosaur museums before. I’ve stood at the foot of enormous, life-sized dinosaur bones (casts, really). I’ve read dinosaur books to my kids. But never before had I walked in their footsteps, touched the bones, observed where they walked….and died. […]

Tidal Basin Paddle Boats at the Jefferson Memorial in Washington DC #PSF

Tidal Basin Paddle Boats Washington DC

  In an effort to find family fun activities at home (and not just when we’re on vacation) my husband came up with the idea to spend Labor Day in Washington DC (we live in the suburbs). When he told us what we’d be doing, we were all shocked. While none of the rest of […]

10 Things You Should Know About Visiting the Petroglyphs in Vernal, Utah #PSF

McConkie Ranch Petroglyphs - Vernal, Utah

  One of my favorite days of my summer road trip was the day that I spent at the McConkie Ranch Petroglyphs in Vernal, Utah (up Dry Fork Canyon). While my husband and oldest son were off hiking the High Uintas and my girls were all visiting my oldest daughter’s college campus, my mom, dad, […]

Arches National Park #PSF

Arches National Park

I am finally home for good from my summer of traveling. I miss it. I miss being on the road and having daily adventures. I miss the chance to be with my kids – no distractions (because, let’s face it…most of the remote locations we visited did not have great cell phone coverage, and I […]

Summer Memories #PSF

We had the best night tonight with #Maryland friends out in #Utah. Love these guys!

  I have been away from home more than I’ve been home since mid June….and I’m gone again this week. Since I don’t have all of my vacation photos on my little travel Chromebook, I decided to share a few of my favorite somewhat random Instagram photos from our travels. What have you been up […]

Madame Tussauds DC #PSF

madame tussauds dc

  I have to start off by saying that this week has taken a lot out of me. I am sitting down to write this post with hardly an ounce of energy left in me. So don’t mistake my lack of words in this post to mean that I didn’t have a blast with my […]

Four Corners Monument: What You Need To Know Before Visiting #PSF

Four Corners Monument

  One of the most anticipated stops on our road trip from the East Coast to the West was the Four Corners Monument, but there are definitely a few things I would have liked to know about visiting before we made the trek out there. Four Corners is the only place in the United States […]

Heading Home…Finally! #PSF


  After 25 days of being on the road, we are finally on the final stretch of our journey back home. We’re heading home! We’ve had so much fun this summer that it’s hard to want to go home…but there’s something special about home. My own bed. My own computer. My own refrigerator (no more […]