My Guy {Afterglow} #PSF

Afterglow quartet 2014

  Afterglow is back and they are rocking it already this school year! My daughter’s quartet, Afterglow, performed at their first concert of the year last night, and they brought the house down. I love that in just a year since they first started singing together they have not only improved so much, but they […]

A Lone Fall Photo Shoot #PSF – Give Me Your Best Shot

fall photo shoot-3

  Last fall, I swore off professional photography and officially closed the doors of my photography business. My blog had become busy enough, and frankly I was making more money for my time through my blog than I was for my photography. I just couldn’t do them both well at the same time. I think […]

On the Road Again #PSF


  I’m sitting at LAX on a layover from San Jose to home in Maryland. My computer isn’t working, so I’m typing on my iPad while I eat a quesadilla with carne asada…hoping that this was an ok choice before heading on a 5 hour flight. Although I have so much I could say about […]

Horseback Riding – Jackson, Wyoming #PSF

Horseback riding in Jackson Wyoming

  One of the highlights of my summer was horseback riding with my 15-year-old daughter in the mountains near Jackson, Wyoming. Necco was not interested in white water rafting with the rest of the family, and I was more than happy to trade in a wet suit for a pair of jeans. There are a […]

{Give Me Your Best} Selfies in LA #PSF


  OK, I realize that not all of these are selfies….but in just 2 days in Los Angeles I’ve taken and posted more pictures of myself than I have in the last 2 months. It must be the hair cut. I can’t wait to tell you all about the trip that I’m on…but for now […]

Yellowstone National Park #PSF


  It’s hard to believe that I am still going through pictures from this summer’s trip. I suppose this is what happens when the 6-week-long road trip ends the day before school starts. We jumped right in to the fall routine and haven’t had a real chance to recover from the travel. Or maybe it’s […]

Cousin Power! #PSF Give Me Your Best Shot


  Cousin Power! While the kids and I were in Utah this summer, we spent a lot of time with cousins. My mom and dad have 14 grandchildren between the ages of 17 (almost 18) and under a year. Sadly, not all of the grandkids were together at the same time (we had one group […]

Museum of Natural Curiosity at Thanksgiving Point #PSF


  I’ve put off writing this post, not because I didn’t want to, but because I knew that I would have nearly too much to share. Yes, there may be a slight picture overload, but the Museum of Natural Curiosity was so fantastic and we had so much fun over so many visits that I […]

One Last Night with My Siblings #PSF


  Today’s post is going to be short because I’m currently packing up to make the return trip home to Maryland after being gone all summer. My emotions are running high right now…I’ll be leaving my oldest daughter in this state as we drive across the country and I won’t be seeing her again until […]

Our Trip to Mount Rushmore #PSF – Give Me Your Best Shot

mount rushmore south dakota

  Mount Rushmore is one of those places that every American should make a point to see in person. It took us several days of driving to finally make it to South Dakota, but the time to find Mount Rushmore was worth the effort. I think that my favorite part of visiting Mount Rushmore was […]