My Sister’s Wedding #PSF


  This past weekend, I met my parents and all 4 of my siblings in Chicago for my sister’s wedding. It was a busy weekend, but one that I will remember and treasure for years. It has been too long since all 5 of the siblings were together at the same time (we usually meet […]

Polaroids and Baby Cheeks #PSF


  2005. That’s the last time all 5 of my siblings were together at the same time. And now we’re adding another sister. We kinda love her. More details to come (with touristy fun in Chicago and lots of wedding photos!). Sorry for the short post! I’m holding a cute, chubby baby boy right now […]

Carefree Summer Days #PSF


  I had the opportunity to do a photo shoot this week, despite the fact that I don’t usually do that anymore. It was a nice change of scenery. The nature park and botanical gardens where I’ve taken so many pictures before was more vibrant and alive and colorful than ever. Or it least it […]

It’s Beginning To Look a Lot Like Summer #PSF


  It’s crazy to me how fast we have transitioned from spring to summer. The kids are still in school for a week and a day, so really I just feel like we’re dealing with spring AND summer at the same time. School and homework PLUS swim team til 6:15 everyday. And the heat. Oh! […]

Everything is Better When It’s Seussified #PSF


  My youngest daughter (a sixth grader) was in her middle school’s production of a Seussification of Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream this week. My daughter who’s in 10th grade stayed after school at least twice a week for the last month or two to be a stage manager. They both had a blast – […]

Our Last Double Digits Birthday #PSF Give Me Your Best Shot

Happy birthday lunch #selfie with my new 10 year old! #CafeRio

  Monday was quite a milestone birthday in our family. My youngest – my baby boy – turned 10. A double digits birthday. That means that all of us are double digits (and by default, I guess that makes us old!). AJ has never been much of a fan of traditional toys…so when he made […]

Afterglow Sings Again! #PSF Give Me Your Best Shot


  Two sure fire ways to tell that it’s May around here: 1) there are at least 2 spring/end-of-year concerts or performances a week and 2) the weather changes drastically from cool and rainy to HOT. My bedroom is miserable – even with the air conditioning on – when the temperatures are above 85 or […]

My Track Star #PSF Give Me Your Best Shot

track star

  Two weeks ago, my oldest son (age 14, in the 8th grade) started his second season of Track and Field through the city’s sports and recreation department. Last year was fun. He loves to run. But not surprisingly, since he grew significantly between 12 and 13 (and beyond) he was a little awkward in […]

New Bride, Old Bride #PSF Give Me Your Best Shot

wedding day-1-4

  This past week, I celebrated my 20th anniversary. If you follow me on social media, you’ve probably seen a post or two from me about that. Just a few days before I celebrated my anniversary, I photographed the wedding of a close friend of mine. I’ve known her for what feels like forever (since […]

From My Window Seat #PSF Give Me Your Best Shot

window seat

  13 days. 6 planes. Approximately 31 hours of travel time, between airplanes and cars. One exhausted blogger. I’ve had a fabulous, whirlwind 2 weeks. I wouldn’t trade any of the experiences I’ve had these past 2 weeks (like the Thor-me-Captain America sandwich or the time I spent on the set of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. […]