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When I was in the early planning stages of our trip to Florida at Thanksgiving, I figured that our big theme park experience would be at Disney World. I mean….Orlando IS Disney, right?

Strangely, as much as we are Disney fans, my kids had other things in mind. I guess for the teen crowd, Harry Potter is WAY more exciting (I admit–I loved Universal). And before I talked with Tim at Kissimmee Guest Services, I had never really considered spending a day at SeaWorld. I am so glad that Tim convinced me to go–our day at SeaWorld really was one of the highlights of our trip, especially since we were able to sneak away with a smaller group that day.

SeaWorld Orlando

What we loved about SeaWorld:

  • The shows – we watched 3 shows while we were there (and would have watched more if we had had time!). From the dolphins to the Shamu killer whales to the silly sea lions, each show was entertaining, well-orchestrated, and long. Yes, I noticed in particular that the shows weren’t over as soon as they started, like other animal shows that I’ve seen. We really loved watching the amazing tricks that the dolphins and Orcas could do, and we were incredibly luck to have fantastic seats at both shows. The sea lions? One word: hilarious!
  • Hands-on experiences – The kids loved being able to get their hands wet (literally) and get up close to so many species of fish. I was fascinated by the unique ways that SeaWorld brought the sea life closer to us, from being able to feed dolphins by hand to walking through a tunnel surrounded by sharks.
  • Festive atmosphere – I loved the way that SeaWorld brought the holiday season to life with all of their decorations and music. I felt like I was walking through Santa’s workshop.
  • Laid back – Unlike the typical rush of a typical theme park, SeaWorld made me feel relaxed and happy. November was definitely an ideal time of year to be there, as the crowds were very manageable.

Here’s a peek at some of the things we saw and experienced at SeaWorld:

SeaWorld Orlando

SeaWorld Orlando

SeaWorld Orlando

SeaWorld Orlando

Note: We received 4 complementary tickets to SeaWorld from Kissimmee Guest Services, but all thoughts, opinions, and photos are my own.

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  1. My girls would love it there! They love the aquarium.

    One day we’ll get there!
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  2. What a fun trip! I’d love to take my kids to SeaWorld one of these days. :)
    Kristi {at} Live and Love Out Loud´s last blog post ..Oh My, Wyoming! {Cross Country Road Trip Adventure}


  3. I have been to couple of seaworlds around the world but none of them look no where near as brilliant as this one.

    Molly´s last blog post ..Day 341 – Winter Rose


  4. It’s bad that I’m as jealous as I am, but I AM. What fun!!
    Cecily R´s last blog post ..Photo Story Friday: A Lighting Tip


  5. Good to see that our water friends celebrate Christmas, too!
    Dina@4LettreWords´s last blog post ..November via Instagram


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